Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh blogger.

been having so much trouble with school lately.

apparently i missed the end of class.  i don't even know how.  i was just doing class stuff a few days ago and didn't even realize the class was almost over.

i'm going to go on a bleeding artist rant for a moment.

i hate this school now.  not the school really, but trying to become some sort of professional artist has actually made me *hate* art.  i hate it.  i haven't drawn or painted for myself in months (and enjoyed it, anyway), and the things i've produced for classes i find to be below my standards, like, i know i could do better but all i can think the whole time i'm making them is about how miserable i am, how this degree isn't gonna get me a good job and that i'll be a college graduate still working at walmart.  D:

i'm trying to switch schools, which my current school wants nothing to do with and can only think about my government money that they're gonna lose, and i'm still waiting to hear back from the other school i've spoken too.  i'm still gonna do some research though before i pick one, i've requested to not take a class this session so that i have time to think things through and look around.  

for those interested, i want to study elementary education and possibly take my art-y knowledge in the direction of being an art teacher.  i learned to love art as a child and would love to be able to teach other children to love it as well.  i never thought i would like to work with kids, but when it comes to this i'm pretty stoked about it.  

not to mention that an education career is a little more stable than that of an artist, plus i could always do my art-ing on the side and learn to enjoy it again.

so that's my serious rant.

here's a kitty to make you feel better.

funny pictures - derz sorsry afut


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

too much stuff blog.

don't have time to do all the things i want, including blog.  it depresses me a bit, and maybe my my six followers as well.  :P

anyway, i spend all my time working in hell and studying in hell and then hopefully sleeping.  the pay is alright at least, but i don't think anyone actually knows how to run my department, or else they just can't agree on one way and stick with it.  it's hard to do a job when three-ish people are telling you three-ish different ways to handle the same problem.

also i need to see my dude way more often.  not that i don't see him, cuz i do, but we have some serious wedding planning that needs to go on.  i know we still have about a year, but that's really not a long time apparently.  mom offered to buy us our plates and little party favors and such, but we don't even know how many people will be there yet, and that sort of list making definitely requires both of us to be together for a few hours with both of us awake!

i thought i had decided on a dress, though.  then i fell in love with another hand-made dress on etsy, only to find out that the fabric it's made from is discontinued, so i would have to order it now to be sure to have it.  problem is i'm still losing about one to two pounds a week, sometimes as many as four (and sometimes none at all), so there is no way for me to know what size to order that dress. . .i could have it altered, but i don't want to pay for dress stuff twice. . .

my plan on that front is to continues weight watchers in 'lose' mode until about august of next year, order the dress at whatever size i am then (it takes a month or so to get it, it's hand-made and comes from new zealand), and then go into 'maintain' mode until after the wedding.  

Wedding Dress in Full Skirted 1950s Pin up Rockabilly Style with Polka Dot Petticoat and Sash Tea Length - custom made to fit

this is the one i want, but that polka dot tulle apparently won't be made forever, and that's my favorite part!  but all the wedding dresses she makes are beautiful, all fifties retro. . .so cool!  pop a pill box hat with cool short veil and i'll be set!

the shop is here if anybody is interested:

my future brother-in-law is getting married this weekend, so i also got a cutesy dress for that!  i love to dress up, plus it's a nice big family event so it should be cool.  chris and i are responsible for the rice krispie treats for dipping in the chocolate fountain.  was that a great decision?  we shall see. . .

anyway, it's like seven a.m. and my dude should be waking up to go to work soon, so maybe i can see him for a bit!  plus i wanna try to hit the treadmill this morning before i go to bed (stupid third shift job. . .)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

gen con 2011 blog!

i freakin' love this place.

gonna try to blog but there is a very jealous kitty next to me that thinks he needs all of my attention.  ALL OF IT.

anyway, gen con this year was pretty sweet for two reasons:  1) we got to stay the whole weekend and 2) we had a little more fun money that usual.

first, i have to say our diet took a vacation as well.  we ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted because we were on vacation, dammit!  so i came home with 2 extra gen con pounds, but no biggie.  :D

a million peeps!  well maybe not a million, but in the lots of thousands.

that pic if from the opening of the exhibit hall, where the do a dice roll for no reason other than it's a gamer convention and they can.  i've never gotten to be there when it opens so it was pretty cool.

chris ald the lego-taur.

i love this picture.  chris hates it because as he took his arm down after i took this shot the lego-taur cut him with his legos.  the first thing chris did was go the WOW room and show phil is battle scar.

just silly.

there was so much stuff going on and so much stuff i wanted to buy!  plus a million people in costumes and a bunch of game demos going on and all kinds of stuff.

this year i went to a few of the anime events.  i usually don't go because i don't like the new breed of anime fan that just goes ballistic over something just because it's from japan.  annoying little buggers.  i spent two events with two girls like that who i wanted to strangle.

anyway, these events were run by an awesome group of anime convention people called wasabi anime who appreciated the retro shows that i love, japanese culture and didn't squeal just because of their big anime eyes.  they put on an awesome panel about myazaki, including info and history of his films and watching his style develop.  i went to anime retro: sailor moon, followed the same thing, talked about the japanese version of the show, showed all the opening themes and discussed the recycled music the way better story lines the sailors had before they came to america.  lastly i went to anime name that tune, i should have played because i actually knew a lot of the themes, but i was afraid they'd play to much new stuff and i'd just embarrass myself.


POWERLIFTER played again this year!  sadly, they're probably getting a little full of themselves because it wasn't free this year.  i was great and i loved it but i was kinda bummed when they blew the speakers out and the show was cut short.  it wasn't surprising they went out, after all about six other acts blared through them before had.  did snag me an awesome tee shirt though.

now for some random costumes:

jareth and link.

the eleventh doctor and a weeping angel.
the eleventh doctor and lady!tardis.

also demoed a few games and this is the first year i've done that.  the first was a dice game called 'quarriors'.  chris loved it, it was alright to me but my main problem was i could barely read the dice.  you probably shouldn't try to fit 4 important bits of information on one side of a die.  the second was the penny arcade deck building game, which i loved and chris loved (plus it probably helped him that we were playing with a booth babe who he had almost defeated in WOW combat earlier that week) and there was a card based on this:

so i got to touch wieners several times with said booth babe.  and every time you play 'touch wieners' you get to say 'touch wieners' and every time you say 'touch wieners' it just gets funnier and funnier.

(for anyone who cares, info on the touch wieners card:  you play it and anyone else who has it can play it too (and gets to say 'touch wieners!) and you and anyone who has it gets to draw a card.  if nobody else plays touch wieners than your just sad and lonely and no card for you.)

and it's awesome.

our last day was kinda boring though.  actually we kinda got all our stuff done one the first two days, so the last two days were spent wandering aimlessly.  the fourth day was the worst because we had literally seen everything there was to see.  our final adventure was spent trying to find chris's cell phone that he dropped in the hyatt and was luckily picked up by a friendly hobo.

we also had an awesome denny's adventure in which we spent the entire time saying 'touch wieners' for no reason at all.

chris say's he's going to compile his list of favorite quotes from this year, if he does i'll share them.  i promise they will be way funnier out of context.

peace and kitty ears.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a wedding list post!

finally set my wedding date for october 20th, 2012!  this is more of a reminder to myself of prices, things i need, things i like and all sorts of other stuff that i need to remember but if i write it on a piece of paper, i will lose it!  and it's here for everybody to see, so you can plan my wedding with me!

set and free!  my wedding will take place in my parent's huge back yard, so right after chris and i are all wed we will just turn around and party!  just don't upset the goat.  D:

still looking!  i want to stay under $200 for a dress, which i think may be pretty low, but i'm looking for a summer-y fall-y autumn-y type dress, cuz it will probably still be a little warm.  tea-length is the proper term.  here are my favorites so far:

i'm leaning towards the bottom one, the only thing is i wanted a cute retro pillbox hat, and i don't know that i can find one to match since it has like a lace overlay thing going on.

i'm also worried about what size to get a dress, since i want to have it early (obviously!).  my goal size by my wedding was actually a sixteen, but i'm already down to eighteen and i have over a year to go!  so who knows!  if i keep going the way i have been, losing about 6 or 7 pounds a month, i could lose another 90 or so pounds!!!  i guess i'll just have to wait!


we didn't want to waste money on fancy dining ware, but chris and i were thinking of doing the monogram napkin thing.  we'd have regular ones too, maybe just a hundred or so mainly as souvenirs.  just something sort of cutesy, but they are WAY more expensive then i thought they would be.  i mean, some people are gonna keep them, but a lot of people are going to wipe their faces with them and throw them away.


Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image
Click here to view larger image

the leaf ones are obviously more theme appropriate for a fall wedding, but they're soooooo boring.  i like the mr. and mrs. ones, though.  :3

more to come soon!


Friday, June 10, 2011

a goodwill blog!

since moving out of my parent's house, i have learned to LOVE goodwill!  i love it so much, especially for house stuff.  we got an awesome little bookcase for the living room for $9.50 the other day.  it's next to the t.v. and if the home of movies, video games and my overflow of books.  i've gotten cool decorate-y things and all sorts of stuff.

now, we were seriously lacking in fun money for the month, so we were pretty bummed.  luckily, chris fixed somebody's computer today and got twenty bucks.  so off to goodwill we went!  (also, as we were about to get in the truck, chris's other bff woodrow pulled up in the driveway, so we piled in his car instead for our adventure!  he also treated us to taco bell because he's like the coolest guy ever.)

here's my haul for the day, and we only spent $7.64!

1.)  some big red heels!  yes, they are big and normally i can't walk in heels, but as you can see these have treads on the bottom so i am good to go!  i don't have an outfit for them yet, but i couldn't pass them up for $3.00!  i feel so pin-up-y in them.  :D

2.)  owls on a branch, $0.50!!  i'm an owl collector, and i'll warn you that i bought every owl i saw in goodwill today except for a salt shaker that had some paper and weird stuff stuck in his belly.  D:

3.)  i love this little thing!  i actually have another one like this (they're different, of course, but same theme)!  i love the little upside down owl, i feel like that sometimes!  and $0.50 again!

4.) another little salt shaker.  i have a million of them!  he's a cute little realistic one, though (and $0.50!!).

5.)  more salt and pepper shakers!  only yellow this time!  yellow owls are so cute (as are all owls, especially when their $0.50 a pair)!

6.)  my favorite of the day!  and only $1.50!!  he's a professor owl teapot!  OWL AND TEAPOT my dream come true!

7.)  this is actually from a previous trip, but he's so cool!  only downside is he has googly eyes, so if you shake him he goes cross-eyed.  not that you should be shaking him, but i did anyway to see if the eyes were googly!

so yeah, owls and shoes!  enjoy!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

stormy but not blog.

the weather people have been trying to tell me all day that we're all gonna get hit with tornadoes.

okay.  maybe not.  i'm  not blaming weather people.  they were right, totally got hit by the giant line of storms, they just weren't nearly as powerful by the time they got to us.  so we abandoned ship for nothing.  but let me tell you about it anyway.

i 'like' wave 3 weather on facebook, so they tell me weather things all day.  and you can tell something is going on when there are like, 15 posts in a row.  they were thunderstorm watches and warnings, tornado watches and warnings, flash flood, blah blah blah, you name a weather disaster and a city in kentucky and it was there.  so i was on the phone with mandy, we were all like, watching the maps and the radar.  chris's mom wanted us to come there (a brick house will fair better in a tornado than a mobile home every time), and phil was like 'whatever, nothing's gonna happen'.  (and he was right and he's probably mad right now that he went to his parents house.)

the storms were moving pretty slow, so we decided to wait a bit before we left.  i had my purse and my dr. who containment unit (aka a laundry basket and a comforter) ready on the couch.  and yes, i told chris i was not leaving without the cat, and i stuck to my word and chased the cat down and put him in the basket before we left.  

we weren't in a hurry, nothing was happening at the time.  but i did manage to fall down the porch steps and land on my knees on the concrete while snuggling a kitty basket.  basically, i have little to no depth perception at night, and when i look down the porch steps they look like a flat slab of concrete, so chris has to wait at the bottom of the stairs for me.  he waited and he tried to help, but i couldn't see the steps and couldn't see past the kitty basket, so i guess i must have just skipped the last step.  i landed on my knees and my tippy toes (which felt like i'd snapped them backwards) and i guess the sheer upward force of my landing made my back really hurt for a minute.  it's still a little sore.  chris was apologizing the whole time, i kept telling him to stop because there was nothing he could have done about it.  but he always feels bad when i hurt myself.

so we hung out at chris's parents house.  the doctor was freaking out because this is the home of two poodles and one was less than thrilled to see him, so he spent his time hiding behind the toilet in the bathroom.  he was finally feeling like exploring right before we left, but alas, was too late for him.

sigh.  i'm so tired of all these storms, people!  for realsies.  because we took shelter this time and nothing happened, but the one time we don't do it we'll probably be blown away.  it's just so much hassle, plus i'm mad that i fell down the steps.  my knees hurt, my toes hurt, my back is all sore and then this tornado had THE NERVE to NOT SHOW UP.  fuck you, tornado.  you could have at least made an appearance after all that.

watch, i mocked the tornado and sirens are gonna go off or something.

maybe not.

anyway, i'm tired and hurty all over, probably not gonna be able to treadmill tomorrow (AGAIN, my back was already being all sore and wonky earlier today).  so blah.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a bugaboo blog.

just had the longest non-tantrum related conversation with my little sister in EVER.

and it was pokemon related!!  :D

she's getting so big, it's awesome.  she was having trouble with the new pokemon game i bought her for her birthday.  when she started playing the first day she got it, she forgot to save the game.  so when she called and asked me why she couldn't find her saved game, i was sure i was gonna get a phone tantrum.  

but she was actually really good and really smart about the situation!  i told her how to start a new game and told her to call  me when she was ready to save it.  when she called it took her a minute to get what i was saying (i was telling her to look for the 'x' button, and she didn't know if i meant on the screen or on the actual ds), but she finally found it.  that's when i realized there was an *actual* problem (apparently in heart gold, you have to erase the saved game or you'll never be able to save.  i bought this copy used at the flea market, so there was a game already on it. . .)

again, i was sure i was in for baby rage, especially when i told her she would have to start over *again*.

but she didn't.  i explained to her that i was going to look online to find out how to delete the old game and that she'd have to start over and asked if that was okay and she was totally fine.

she did have to give the game to mom to erase it (you have to hit three buttons at the same time and her little fingers didn't reach) but she was very mature about it!  or as mature as you can be about a pokemon game.  :D

i bought her this game because i have the corresponding game.  since she's getting way better at reading i figured she would actually get into the story of the game this time instead of wandering around in the grass whacking pidgeys for fun.  and since i have the other game we could trade and battle and all that fun stuff.  i'll probably have to set her ds up to work on wifi the next time i'm there, but that's no biggie.  i'm really excited, i hope she gets into it.  i'm gonna have to make a special bug trip though, she has to beat a few gym leaders before she can play online, but we'll figure it out.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

laundry and goodwill blog!

it's 'get this fucking laundry out of my room' day!

if you follow my vlogs over at two fat girls, you'll know that after losing twenty pounds i needed new clothes.  i can't afford new clothes, so mom gave a me a bunch of really cute clothes that she couldn't fit anymore.  some of these even still had tags on them!  some of them were my clothes that i had given *her* when i got to fat for them.  just a bunch of stuff.  literally a garbage bag full of clothes.

now, i love all these clothes.  i do.  problem is i don't have room for all of them!  i hung up as many as i could, ran out of clothes hangers and had to abandon the effort.  i couldn't fit all the new clothes, plus i had clothes that i had just gotten out of the laundry before mom gave me the new ones.  so this happened:

laundry chair!

this is the laundry chair.  it's the clothes i got out of the dryer after i used up all the clothes hangers on new clothes.  it also includes the sheet that washed that covers the chair and the fuzzy green blanket that usually lives there in a much more decorative way.  there's also the chair's throw pillow in there somewhere.  i am very upset by this chair.

i decided today is going to have to be goodwill day.  i'm going to venture into my closet and pull out all the stuff that is way to big for any of us now and stuff that i just don't think is ever going to fit and put it in a goodwill bag and chris and i can drop it off tomorrow.  

joining me on this adventure:

the doctor!

it's nice to have company.  :D

so off i go to try to salvage my vlogging chair!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

graphic designing blog!

just finished working on the two fat girls blog!

if you don't remember, mandy and i started vlogging about our weight loss journey.  it's so fun and we've met some cool people who are working the program along with us.  it's so cool!  

anyway, you know all of my endeavorers need a blog page.  mainly because i like to design things and to have a web page, but i don't have the lovely html experience yet to make a for real one, nor can afford a domain, so blogs are the way to go for me.  the blog page will house all the episodes in a pretty way and probably have better descriptions and notes (the new ones anyway) and will also have the exclusive outtakes and silly videos we make that don't have to do with food and such.  like something we're doing at bug's birthday party tomorrow.  i won't spoil it, but you should definitely follow the blog if you want to see it!

that's all i wanted to tell you.  go look at it!  i'm so proud of it!  maybe even a little more than i am of my this blog (even though i still love this design!  i keep thinking about changing it, but then i look at it and can't do it)!

so yeah.

isn't this a beautiful donut?  it's the picture i used for all the
graphics!  :D

so check out the blog!  do it now!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

two am blog.

it's two am, as the title suggests.

i got so much of nothing done today because i forgot that history classes require 40 pages of reading from something really boring. . .taking history of art of early civilizations.  doesn't that sound neat?

no.  it sounds like cleaning and homework ate up my day so i'm trying to catch up now.  chris has to be to work at 8 am, so he's already asleep.  i decided while he was asleep and i was still all awake i'd do the things i didn't get to do earlier.  

i polished my toes.  they look awful, so i have to redo them tomorrow.

i worked on finishing bug's moko kitty for her birthday on sunday.  the leg i got halfway done crocheting is way too small and i don't know why.  so i'll have to redo it tomorrow.

all of these things would be easier to redo if the doctor didn't decide to shove his claw underneath my nail sideways.  it's still thumping and it has a big pink hello kitty band-aid on it.  it's also my bird flipping finger, and when chris came through the door i was yelling at the doctor.  he was running from me, but i found him in the kitchen and yelled 'you better run you little fucker!' all while waving around my bloody bird flipping finger.

i'm sure you can imagine chris lol-ing it up.

later i found the doctor and apologized for calling him a little fucker and for smacking him in the head while trying to dislodge his claw from my finger.  

the point is crocheting and polishing and doing anything with my dominant hand (even typing this blog) makes my finger thump.  it's just a kitty wound, so hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.


so that's been my day.  


Monday, May 9, 2011

so yeah blog.

it's been a while bloggy.  it's too hard keeping up with two blogs, plus i was basically just double tracking all my food, so my fat blog is pretty much defunct.  but that means i have more incentive to blog here to my bloggy friends!  :D

any way, today is officially. . .


let it live in infamy.

this picture is totally crazy but look at my skinny face!

my mom (who has always been the skinniest of the three) has been emptying her closet to me all day, i have a whole garbage bag full of pants and shirts to take home with me!  i'll say i've gone down a whole size (from 24 to 22) but mom did give me a pair of size 20 capris that fit really well, so i guess it depends on the kind of pants they are.  

anyway, i was just so excited i had to tell you!

also, don't be sad about the fat blog.  mandy and i have started vlogging about our weight loss and have our own youtube channel (ingeniously titled 'two fat girls')!  go join us in awesome weight loss hilarity!  click here and watch us be chubby and funny!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

tornadoes and keys blog.

apparently kentucky got hit by like, a million tornadoes last night.  or maybe like four, but four tornadoes may as well be a million.

until mandy texted me at about midnight, i didn't know i should be concerned about anything.  i even looked out the window to see if anything was happening.  mandy told me to watch the weather, and i was like 'uh, no cable!'.  so i had to friend WAVE 3 on facebook to keep me informed.  and reading everybody's posts about trees falling down and power going off in their areas just made me even more paranoid.

i went to the WAVE 3 site and found out shelby county was under a tornado watch, and it stayed that way for a while.  then later i saw on facebook that it had been upgraded to a warning and at that exact second the sirens go off.  chris and i had been going back and forth on whether or not we should go somewhere, but with the siren we were out of there.  i put my shoes and hoodie on, grabbed the doctor and put him in a laundry basket (he was pissed, as you can imagine) and was practically waiting at the door and like a minute.  

chris, on the other hand, was looking for his keys.  

he finally found his keys locked in the truck.


i love my dude more than anything in the world, but damn is he good at locking those keys in!  especially when it's really important to have them!  like during snow storms, tornadoes and when i'm late for work.

so we didn't get to go to chris's parents nice safe brick house and i pissed off  my kitty for no reason.  by this time we'd woken phil up to get his opinion on the matter (he was like 'tornadoes, whatevs.')  chris's parents offered to come get us, but by the time they got to us the warning would be over and they'd have to try to shelter with us, so we decline.  i gathered up the doctor again and chris and i headed to the big walk in closed where we hid for about 20 minutes.  at about three minutes til the warning was to expire phil came in the room to make fun of us for hiding in the closet.  at about one minute the doctor escaped the closet and hid under the bed.  i hoped the tornado didn't try to strike while my kitty was out of my hands!

no tornado ever came, at least not to my house.

so that's adventure one.

adventure two started this afternoon when i was all dressed and ready to go out.  then we remember the keys are locked in the truck.  i'm getting really sleepy and tired of typing, so long story short, chris and his dad broke out the back window of the truck to get the door unlocked.

yeah.  so we have a temporary trash bag window, but phil is going to use his awesome lowe's powers to bring us a piece of plexi glass for it tomorrow.

so yeah.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

a stormy blog!

spent a few days at my parents house this weekend for my granny's birthday party!  party went off without a hitch, family parties are always the best!  i did have to spend the previous day deep in crochet land trying to finish the shawl i wanted to give her for her birthday.  i did finish it, though at some point during the process bug decided she was a kitty and was going to play with my yarn ball with her ravioli hands. . .it left a little stain, but luckily most of it made it into a stitch, so you don't even notice it if you don't know where it is.

i also got my hair did, which is always fun.

look at this hair bein' all did.

in other news, i'm currently taking a speech class, and i have to do all my speeches via webcam.  which totally blows and i look awful on webcam.  D:  it makes things a little easier since i'm terrified of public speaking (at least on webcam i can't see people looking at me), but it also makes it a little harder since i have the option of doing it several times until it's perfect and will keep doing it until it is.  i did a tiny two minute speech about 6 times yesterday because i couldn't stop myself from 'um'-ing all the time.  the one i finally settled on still had one in it.  but i just can't not do it. . .

here's my 'that's awful' outtake.  enjoy.

now, to get to the part of the blog where i actually tell you about the storm instead of just making it the title and then forgetting about it.

i woke up yesterday to an awesome day.  it was cloudy, but it felt so nice outside, it was great.  so i put on my cute 'it's so nice outside!' skirt and some flip flops and i am ready to go.  chris and i were planning on stopping by the big flea market on the way home and i was totally excited.

inside, however, the weather channel is telling us it's going to be just awful everywhere and shouldn't have made plans at all.  but we were not deterred.

i went and changed from my cute skirt into some jeans and tennis shoes so my feet wouldn't get all wet in the horrible storm that was supposed to hit us.  another channel tells us there is a severe thunderstorm warning for us and bullit county (which we would be heading towards), for the next half hour or so, so we decided to wait it out.  of course, nothing happened.

nothing happened because it waited for us to get on the interstate to start throwing water on us.  screw you, weather.  it was pretty rough going for a bit, not even really because of all the rain but because of the mist getting thrown off all the other cars and chris' windshield wipers kinda blowing.

we finally do make it to the exit for the flea market and decide we'll go ahead and park and wait it out.

and of course, we park and there's nothing.  not a drop of rain falling from the sky.  just massive puddles we have to make our way around.  sigh.

so flea market fun was had.  on the way out, the sun decided to shine on us again, turning the parking area into a hot, muddy sauna.  my jeans were sticking to me and i was totally miserable.  chris told me to go get my skirt and flip flops and i could change in the flea market bathrooms, but i didn't really want to change there.  and i could have changed when we got to our next destination, but the truck was so hot and i was about to be covered in all the stuff we had with us, just to make it worse.

so being the clever girl that i am (and lucky enough to be in a pretty empty parking lot), i put my skirt on over my jeans while standing outside of the truck, took them off, got my socks and tennis shoes off and then did my best to get my flip flops on without my feet getting in the mud (they still did).  cuz i am hardcore like that and i don't deal well with humidity.  

so there you go.  chris was cheering me on just because he wanted to watch.  silly boys.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

more kitty blog.

i'm sure you're tired of hearing about this doctor kitty of mine, but i have learned that this is possibly the most spoiled kitty known to man.  he's also a jealous kitty.  he could be hiding under the bed for hours, but if chris or phil come in and start talking to me, he's out and trying to rub my face with his head.

he lounges like this on the bed while i'm on the laptop.
plus, he's totally insane at night.  i know kitties are night time animals, but still.  there is a destroyed roll of wrapping paper and at least one pair of chris's socks that i'm scared to take from under the bed, because without them to amuse him, who knows what the doctor would destroy at night.

he'd probably try to finish off this poor owl.

and i think the only time he likes chris is if i'm also in the room.  which makes chris sad, because he only wants to love him!  HE JUST HAS SO MUCH LOVE.  but the doctor usually only wants the love of his mommy (which for all intents and purposes, is me).  but at least he is very happy, it's really obvious that he prefers the life of an indoor kitty.

my awesome morning view.
i would actually love for him to *not* sleep in here at night so i don't have to listen to him crinkle paper, but i tried to leave him sleeping on the living room chair last night, and about an hour later he woke up and was sticking his little white feet under the door.  he's a big baby.  :P

spoiled kitty, much?
well, the family is coming tomorrow and i have a bunch of stuff to either find a home for or hide so that it looks awesome.  i've pretty much already taken care of the 'smells awesome' part, so i'm almost there!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a walking blog.

today was a running around day.

the kroger up the street from us is closing (only to reopen as a new kroger RIGHT NEXT DOOR), so all sorts of perishable food-ness was on sale.  we got a lot of good stuff, was pretty excited.  decided to whip up an awesome chicken parmesan, cuz i'm cool like that.

but one of the things we actually needed to get today was a mop.  mops at kroger are obscenely expensive.  i refuse to pay eight dollars for something i'm gonna rub around on my dirty kitchen floor.

since i've been trying to get my 30 minutes of exercise a day in, i decided instead of walking on the boring treadmill that i'd go out into the beautiful sunshine-y day and walk to the dollar store to pick up a cheaper mop.  and it was amazing.  the walk was great, it was the same feeling and resistance of the hills was my incline.  it took almost fifteen minutes to get there, fifteen back.  that made my thirty.  i rewarded my awesomeness at the dollar store with some socks that matched (i was wearing visibly mismatched socks, it made me sad because my shoes were really cute and my socks were ruining it) and a diet mountain dew supernova (which is delicious, btw).

so i'm walking back and mandy calls.  i talk to her for the rest of the way to the house, i was only about five minutes away.  get to the door, sit the phone down, put the key in the lock, turn the knob. . .

it doesn't open.

maybe i have the wrong key.  i put in the other key, turn the knob. . .nothing.

i do this several times, and the key that should be the right key is behaving the same way the wrong key (the key to my parents house) worked.  meaning that it didn't work at all and that turning it just made the lock mock me.

i look at the house.  i know i may have really bad eyesight, but i am one hundred percent sure that this is* my house*, so i don't understand why the key to my house is not opening the door to my house.

i call chris.  chris calls his dad.  chris's dad picks up his key from him at walmart and brings it to me so i can get inside.

i wait outside about 20 or more minutes.  just me, my mop, my diet mountain dew supernova and a very angry damien (phil's cat) who really wanted inside and couldn't understand why i wasn't letting him in.

i can only assume that my key is just defective and i'm going to have to get a new one.  but i will be sure to test the new one before wandering around in the real world.


it was very sad, to say the least.  but at least i was greeted by my doctor, who was also probably wondering why he could hear my outside being pissed but wasn't coming in.

sigh again.

anyway, after all that i made an awesome chicken parmesan for dinner.  penne, sauce, mozzerella cheese and frozen giant chicken things.  4 servings, 11 pts.  i'm getting good at this 'making food' thing.

a picture of me matching my blog!  i'm so cool and not still
pissed off at my key.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a kitty blog.

so, my days have been a little lonely as of late.  chris has to work, phil goes out and does stuff and even phil's kitty damien has business to take care of pretty much everyday.  so yesterday, while visiting my lovely family, i stole a kitty.  i stole him and brought him home with me.

yes, that was dramatic.  :P  that's not really how my life is, but it's how i justified bringing home a fluffy kitty!  

now, every time i asked bug if i could take a kitty home with me, she would get very upset, even though all the kitties live outside and she hardly every sees them.  mom, however, would like very much to have a smaller number of cats, so she was all for it.  once i got the o.k. from phil, planning began for the kitty smuggling operation.

step 1:  find the kitty.
this proved harder than we thought.  dad had already taken down there winter house on the back porch, so the kitties didn't spend as much time there.  it was a waiting game.  our objective, dr. who, came into sight shortly after dinner and i lured him into the laundry room.

step 2:  find suitable kitty transport unit.
originally a picnic basket was chosen to transport dr. who 'wizard of oz' style.  this was deemed a bad idea when mandy mentioned the last time kitties were transported they pooped all over.  i also didn't want him to feel so contained.  we opted for a laundry basked with a sheet over it.

step 3:  remove the kitty from the premises.
 the main objective here was to get the kitty out without bug noticing, as she didn't want me to take any of her kitties.  after chris and i were secured with all our belongings in the truck, mom snuck out the back door with the kitty basket.

step 4:  keep kitty calm.
dr. who was obviously not happy about being in a basket and not knowing where he was.  i had to stick my fingers under the sheet and into the basket to pet him.  we made a stop for gas and he was particularly sad, so  i lifted up the sheet to show him that i was there and he snuggled up to that side of the basket.  finally he calmed down and i guess went to sleep.  he stopped wiggling around anyway, and would just occasionally sneeze and meow.

step 5:  introduce kitty to new environment.
i can imaging dr. who's shock at leaving a familiar laundry room, being in a dark place, and then being let out of the dark place into some other place that he didn't recognize.  at first he wouldn't leave the bed, but as soon as his feet hit the ground he was all over the house.  he was a brave explorer just like the real doctor!

he spent the night in our room, the bed wasn't quite big enough for everybody, so the doctor finally took to sleeping under the bed, which is where he is right now.

he's chillin.

now we only have to worry about damien, phil's cat.  they have met, they didn't fight, but i did have to supervise a very intense staring contest.  i feel it's probably in the best interest of both kitties for the doctor to stay in the room until damien decides to go outside.

so yes.  kitty.



Monday, March 7, 2011

a settling blog.

i know it's been a while, bloggy.  but a lot has been going on!

first and foremost, as i'm sure you read, i finally moved in with my fiance.  it's more awesome than i could have imagined.  the house is great, the neighborhood is really quiet and friendly, there's a goodwill right down the street!  just so much awesome!  and after two years of chris just coming and going and me being sad when he leaves, i finally know that whenever he leaves he's coming right back here when he's done.  :D

i had a hard couple of days right before the move, because i was moving out of my parents house.  and i was really down and really randomly cry-y and all that.  i do love them and i do miss them, but i think they're happy for me to be out on my own.  plus chris will take me there pretty much whenever i want.  gonna go spend a day with them tomorrow actually (after my no-baby shot appointment).  :D

the place is still a little messy.  we can only have one garbage can for trash pick-up, so i couldn't just fill it with all my newspaper and packing boxes or else there wouldn't be room for actual gross trash, so there's a lot of empty boxes and an equal amount of boxes filled with moving trash.  the last big thing left for the room is the entertainment center and the t.v.  turns out the new t.v. was indeed too big for mine, but luckily there is a spare in the extra bedroom that's in really good condition and has a lot of shelves, so it will work nicely in the room and fit all the crap i have that i haven't found a place for yet.

it's supposed to be warming up soon, and hopefully chris can take me driving.  i'm really close to getting my licence, my only concerns right now are that i don't know the area and i never got to parallel parking.  hopefully i can get those conquered and get my licence, it would just be so much easier when i go job hunting.

speaking of sitting around and not having a job, i've been playing house wife lately, which is more amusing than it sounds.  doing dishes is like my quiet time.  i've been hanging curtains and rearranging furniture and making the place a little less manly, though i feel phil is not a fan of my big eyed owl collection.  :P

so that's about it for now.  gotta run around the house and find something to clean.  like that stinky good will chair.  i will febreeze it until it smells no more.  i will conquer this chair, i swear it!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

an excited blog!

it's getting so close!

moving day is tuesday!  i still have so much to do!  i have a little more stuff to pack, i need to do laundry, hang laundry, get my spring clothes out of the shed so i can wash those and hang them.  i have to sort through the stuff under my bed and pack it up too and blah blah blah. . .

i've gotten some new house stuff to go with the other house stuff that chris and i have been hoarding forever.  got a new little end table to match the room, chris bought some more curtains (two windows in the room instead of just one!), some cute storage bins, a million matching hangers (all from dollar tree, whoop whoop!), all sorts of stuff!  i'm excited to make my little home.  :D

i still have my moments of sad though.  i love my family and i'll miss us all being in the same house, but i am engaged and that's a little hard when you don't live together.  i miss him so much when he's gone, i mean, i agreed to spend my life with him so i like to have him around!  once or twice a week doesn't exactly cut it.  D:

but i'm getting more and more excited to just start something new.  

in other news, have some cute.

craig spent the entirety of a thunderstorm on my legs staring at the door like the thunder was gonna come in.

also, look at my cool pajama pants.  they're cool.  :P

in other other news, have you been reading my weight watchers blog!?  i'm lost six whole pounds!  i'm still behind mom and mandy, though, and i think my birth control has something to do with it.  they told me i'd probably gain weight and i figure it's stubborn fat that doesn't want to leave.  i eat my points and i get on the treadmill everyday, as long as i lose a pound or two a week i'll be doing just fine.  

i'm sad i can't share some more cool pictures with you, apparently my camera is too ancient for any of the computers in the house, the memory card doesn't fit in any of them!  i know i can them on chris' computer though, so expect random pictures soonish.


Monday, February 21, 2011

our second anniversary blog, part 2!

sorry it's been a few days, it sucks not having your own computer!  i've just been stealing time when i can and it's getting harder when a lot of people are home.  D:

so, in our last adventure we were eating leftover and watching wrestling.  after that we went to bed.  D:  so pretty uneventful for the rest of the night.

we attempted to get up early the next day to get breakfast at the hotel.  needless to say, i was just not feeling the whole 'awake' thing yet, plus my tummy was still sad from overeating the day before.  so we continued to snuggle and sleep until we had to get up to check out.  i had to take an awful shower with that cheap smelling hotel shampoo, and i hated it.  D:  i did my best to pick up the room, but honestly i didn't really care that much.  i am an awful hotel guest.  :P  so again, pretty uneventful.

after leaving the hotel, we began our quest for NAKED PIZZA.  naked pizza is a place up in louisville that serves just about the healthiest pizza you can find, it gets good reviews and is weight watchers friendly!  a large slice of cheese pizza from papa john's is fifteen points (omg, i know right!?) and a large slice of naked pizza with cheese is only four!  amazing!  the only problem was that chris didn't actually know where it was.  D:

we knew it was on breckenridge lane.  we knew how to get to breckenridge lane.  but we didn't know WHERE on breckenridge lane it was.  so we went one direction on this road off the interstate, didn't see it, turned around and went the other way.  still didn't see it, but we kept going.  

basically, we drove until we were back in st. matthews, which is where the cheesecake factory is and isn't far from the hotel.  we drove in a big circle because we didn't know where we were going.  but there was naked pizza, just chillin'.

we ordered our pizza (a medium smokehouse, a tasty barbeque chicken treat!), played with the iPads on the wall, and then. . .finally. . .


finally, delicious naked pizza!  we were so excited!

except for that fact that there was no seating in the pizza place, so we didn't know where we were going to eat it!  chris said he knew a park we could sit at to enjoy out tasty prize.  but reference the story above about finding this place and i bet you can guess what happened.

if you didn't guess, we never found a park!  i was getting super hungry and cranky, and i kept saying to just pull in somewhere and let me eat!  we finally pulled into a walgreen's parking lot and had our noms.

look at these tasty noms!
it was so goooood!  i want some right now, and it's only five points per slice!  and they're even big, tasty, yummy slices!

chris's nom face.
so that's it (again) for now!  we did have some more adventures, but i still need pictures of them!


Friday, February 18, 2011

our second anniversary blog!

needless to say, an awesome adventure was had by my dude and i!  it was fun and silly, just like always, and totally worthy of being the celebration of our second year together!  :D

it started sunday night, when chris arrived at our house with this:

i always love how when i get a cake from chris
there is no doubt that he wrote on it.

yes, that's is one of our cutesy things.  every couple has one.  like when people are like 'i love you.' 'no, i love you!'  we go back and forth with 'you're my favorite'.  :P

for those of you following my weight watchers adventures, i used my last 12 points for the day on two pieces of this cake.  it was so good and so worth it.  :D

the next day we set out to louisville, where we had a lovely hotel room waiting for us.  i started the day with thirty minutes on the treadmill, because i knew as far as my diet was concerned, today was going to be just awful.  on our way out, chris was convinced we were being followed by an undercover cop (it did pull out behind us from the side of the road) but after it didn't pull us over for several miles we realized it was just a regular truck with a huge antennae.  silly, us.

we also had a mini walmart adventure since chris didn't have any shampoo or body wash.  i should have also picked some up, because i didn't realize i had forgotten mine, so i had to use crappy hotel stuff (white ginger is not a pretty smell).  i caved at the walmart and got a slim jim because i was starving, and we're also pretty sure there was some valentine's day sexy time going on in the car we were parked next to.  everybody had the holiday spirit, so it seems.  :P

next, the hotel!

look at our hotel/happy valentines day faces.  :D

we stayed at the same place we did the year before, and the room was exactly the same.  before we headed out to attempt to get into the delicious cheesecake factory i made chris help me turn on all the lights and the t.v.  why, you ask?  because i don't have to feel bad about it, so i wasted their electricity.

we love!!

when we got the mall with the cheesecake factory, there was little to no parking.  we parked and walked, which i said was a great idea since we were about to gorge the walk was probably good for us.  

now, before i continue this blog, here is a brief history of our previous cheesecake factory adventures.

february 14th, 2009

our first real date, and it happens to be a saturday.  we stand outside of the cheesecake factory in the freezing cold behind about a hundred other people who were also braving the cold to try to get in.  i think the wait was probably about three hours. it was our first date and i had other plans at home, so we didn't have the time to spare.  we never made it in, but it did result in our first snuggle. 

february 14th, 2010

we remember that it's going to be awful and get there early.  we wait in line forever just to get our name in, then try to waste time in the mall.  we forget that it's sunday, the mall closes, and we have to brave the cold again.  after about an hour or more we make it inside the building.  after another hour or so of waiting inside we finally get a table.  this is at about 8 o'clock.  we put in our names before 5.  but we did make it in, so win for us!

and now, to the present!

it's monday!  we're happy that it's unusually warm so our hours of waiting will at least be comfortable.  but yet we see no crowd.  assume the crowd must be inside.  we get inside and for the first time ever we are seated immediately.  my mine was blown wide open.  i'm still in awe. 

so here the gorging began.  i used all my daily weight watchers points and all my weekly points, too.  was it worth it?  yes.  of course it was.  it was my fucking anniversary, your points will not try to ruin my joy.  i did however realize i'm used to being on points and it was hard to gorge.  we finished our appetizer, i ate about a third of my entrĂ©e then boxed it up for later, then ate about 4 bites of my red velvet cheesecake before boxing that up, too.  it was still totally amazing, we literally only go once a year to this place on our anniversary and it makes it that much more special and delicious.

i never want to know how many points are in this.  never.

afterwards my stomach was so full i had to have some sort of exercise so we walked the mall.  we waited in line forever at lane bryant and finally left, and when we came back (i still wanted my stuff!) the lady was very apologetic, i think she really thought we were pissed and were never coming back, really i was just bored.  it was funny, though, that she was so excited to see us come back.  we tried to shop at hot topic but it was totally full, went into some other random stores, nothing much really to report on that.

went back to the room and did hotel things.  trust me, you don't want to know, but some of it was so funny i wish i could tell you.  but i'm a lady, so i won't. 

later that night, the hunger strikes us.  luckily we have a million foods left over.  i had just taken a shower and i realized i didn't bring any pajamas.  when chris and i are in the same bed, i usually sleep in my undies, so i didn't think i'd need them.  and i had just taken this awesome shower and didn't want to get fully dressed up (i had so many layers, leggings and a tank top and a dress and a sweater and knee high boots!  that outfit was a lot of work!) just to go to the lobby where the microwaves were.  but chris sad-faced at me and a compromise was reached.  i had originally agreed to go with him if i could wear his t-shirt over my leggings.  we has some random clothing debate since apparently womens fashions are so complicated.  finally, i agreed to go down in my tank top if i could wear chris's sleep shorts.  i didn't have any other shoes, and i didn't want to climb into those boots. . .

so i went down to the lobby of a semi-fancy hotel in a tank top, shorts, and knee high socks.  and horrible shower hair.

kinda like this.  at least my socks matched
my bra.
we heated up our food, came back to the room and watched wrestling.  it was pretty fun.

i think this blog is long enough, so i'll tell you about the rest of our anniversary adventures tomorrow!