Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the dreadmill.

i hate treadmills.

but my weight has been really jumpy lately, and i don't like it.  i would like to lose about 15 more pounds before the wedding, which would put me at 65 pounds lost.

my treadmill buddy and my food diary.
i totally lost all sense of food tracking there for awhile.  i'm trying to get back on it, but it's still only a few days out of the week, it's slowly getting better though.

not only do i want to lose more before the wedding in october, but mandy and i would like to participate in the color run, probably not this year, but hopefully next year, so i want to learn to run!

it's the happiest 5k on the planet!

can you believe we want to participate in a 5k!?!  I CAN'T.

i know even if i treadmill till next year i won't be able to run a 5k, but i may be able to jog a 5k or speedwalk a 5k.  there are pictures of people way bigger than us having just as much fun as the people running!  i just want to say i've done it!

today i ran/jogged about 2 minutes on the treadmill.  it's the first time i've ever tried.  i was only on about fifteen minutes, but i tried to jog (hands off the bars and everything!) about 15-20 seconds of ever song i listened to.  the longest i went was 30 seconds, and when i got down to the 10 second countdown to the end of my treadmill time i bumped it up again.  i feel really good right now, but i am a little more sweaty than usual.  D:

so we'll see how it goes!  my goal is just a pound this week, and to track everyday, even when i'm bad!  (gonna try super hard not to be bad, though.)

next goal is to get on my bike once i move to days.  i need to get the tires aired back up and try to scrub some of the rust off the gear shift (not that care about gears).  if i have fun with the bike and ride it somewhat regularly, i'm gonna save up for a bike that i really like, rather than the yard sale bike sitting by the front porch.

fell in love with this bike today at work.
$150 that i don't have, though.  D:

baby steps, though.  baby steps to maybe a super cute bike.  :D


Friday, May 4, 2012

instagram post.

instagram is finally on android!  yay!  now i can turn my favorite things into hipster pictures!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a fantasy dream.

i had a dream last night that we lived in a fantasy world with princesses and monsters.

and that me and bug worked at walmart, putting away freight, but we were actually on a secret mission to find a princess.

even though bug worked with me at walmart, i was trying to convince people she was much older than eight.  and since it was a fantasy world, they believed she was some other species but that she was my age.

bug's job in our mission was to carry my cat around.  when she was working she would put him in one of the freight boxes, but when we had to travel i had to carry him because he would be scared.

in this world, cats looked the same as regular cats, but they hunted tiny monsters and they didn't meow the same.  i knew the doctor couldn't kill tiny monsters, and that if he saw one he would be scared and start meowing in a way that cats don't meow here.  so i was trying to keep him quiet.

he got away from me and ran under a house and their were tiny monsters there, so he started meowing.  i ran under the house to get him, but the people who lived there had already heard him.

i woke up trying to convince these people that my cat just had a cold.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


had a dream the other night that my house was infested with crabs.

and the crabs would latch on to you if you got to close.  but they were all over the place, they covered the whole floor.

the internet told me if you sprayed them with vinegar, they would die.  so i sprayed them and they would just disappear with a POOF.

mom was in the kitchen trying to spray them with windex because it was cheaper.

and i told her 'no!  that will only knock them out!  only vinegar will kill them!'

then i woke up.

what the fuck, brain?  what did i ever do to you?