Wednesday, August 10, 2011

gen con 2011 blog!

i freakin' love this place.

gonna try to blog but there is a very jealous kitty next to me that thinks he needs all of my attention.  ALL OF IT.

anyway, gen con this year was pretty sweet for two reasons:  1) we got to stay the whole weekend and 2) we had a little more fun money that usual.

first, i have to say our diet took a vacation as well.  we ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted because we were on vacation, dammit!  so i came home with 2 extra gen con pounds, but no biggie.  :D

a million peeps!  well maybe not a million, but in the lots of thousands.

that pic if from the opening of the exhibit hall, where the do a dice roll for no reason other than it's a gamer convention and they can.  i've never gotten to be there when it opens so it was pretty cool.

chris ald the lego-taur.

i love this picture.  chris hates it because as he took his arm down after i took this shot the lego-taur cut him with his legos.  the first thing chris did was go the WOW room and show phil is battle scar.

just silly.

there was so much stuff going on and so much stuff i wanted to buy!  plus a million people in costumes and a bunch of game demos going on and all kinds of stuff.

this year i went to a few of the anime events.  i usually don't go because i don't like the new breed of anime fan that just goes ballistic over something just because it's from japan.  annoying little buggers.  i spent two events with two girls like that who i wanted to strangle.

anyway, these events were run by an awesome group of anime convention people called wasabi anime who appreciated the retro shows that i love, japanese culture and didn't squeal just because of their big anime eyes.  they put on an awesome panel about myazaki, including info and history of his films and watching his style develop.  i went to anime retro: sailor moon, followed the same thing, talked about the japanese version of the show, showed all the opening themes and discussed the recycled music the way better story lines the sailors had before they came to america.  lastly i went to anime name that tune, i should have played because i actually knew a lot of the themes, but i was afraid they'd play to much new stuff and i'd just embarrass myself.


POWERLIFTER played again this year!  sadly, they're probably getting a little full of themselves because it wasn't free this year.  i was great and i loved it but i was kinda bummed when they blew the speakers out and the show was cut short.  it wasn't surprising they went out, after all about six other acts blared through them before had.  did snag me an awesome tee shirt though.

now for some random costumes:

jareth and link.

the eleventh doctor and a weeping angel.
the eleventh doctor and lady!tardis.

also demoed a few games and this is the first year i've done that.  the first was a dice game called 'quarriors'.  chris loved it, it was alright to me but my main problem was i could barely read the dice.  you probably shouldn't try to fit 4 important bits of information on one side of a die.  the second was the penny arcade deck building game, which i loved and chris loved (plus it probably helped him that we were playing with a booth babe who he had almost defeated in WOW combat earlier that week) and there was a card based on this:

so i got to touch wieners several times with said booth babe.  and every time you play 'touch wieners' you get to say 'touch wieners' and every time you say 'touch wieners' it just gets funnier and funnier.

(for anyone who cares, info on the touch wieners card:  you play it and anyone else who has it can play it too (and gets to say 'touch wieners!) and you and anyone who has it gets to draw a card.  if nobody else plays touch wieners than your just sad and lonely and no card for you.)

and it's awesome.

our last day was kinda boring though.  actually we kinda got all our stuff done one the first two days, so the last two days were spent wandering aimlessly.  the fourth day was the worst because we had literally seen everything there was to see.  our final adventure was spent trying to find chris's cell phone that he dropped in the hyatt and was luckily picked up by a friendly hobo.

we also had an awesome denny's adventure in which we spent the entire time saying 'touch wieners' for no reason at all.

chris say's he's going to compile his list of favorite quotes from this year, if he does i'll share them.  i promise they will be way funnier out of context.

peace and kitty ears.