Friday, June 10, 2011

a goodwill blog!

since moving out of my parent's house, i have learned to LOVE goodwill!  i love it so much, especially for house stuff.  we got an awesome little bookcase for the living room for $9.50 the other day.  it's next to the t.v. and if the home of movies, video games and my overflow of books.  i've gotten cool decorate-y things and all sorts of stuff.

now, we were seriously lacking in fun money for the month, so we were pretty bummed.  luckily, chris fixed somebody's computer today and got twenty bucks.  so off to goodwill we went!  (also, as we were about to get in the truck, chris's other bff woodrow pulled up in the driveway, so we piled in his car instead for our adventure!  he also treated us to taco bell because he's like the coolest guy ever.)

here's my haul for the day, and we only spent $7.64!

1.)  some big red heels!  yes, they are big and normally i can't walk in heels, but as you can see these have treads on the bottom so i am good to go!  i don't have an outfit for them yet, but i couldn't pass them up for $3.00!  i feel so pin-up-y in them.  :D

2.)  owls on a branch, $0.50!!  i'm an owl collector, and i'll warn you that i bought every owl i saw in goodwill today except for a salt shaker that had some paper and weird stuff stuck in his belly.  D:

3.)  i love this little thing!  i actually have another one like this (they're different, of course, but same theme)!  i love the little upside down owl, i feel like that sometimes!  and $0.50 again!

4.) another little salt shaker.  i have a million of them!  he's a cute little realistic one, though (and $0.50!!).

5.)  more salt and pepper shakers!  only yellow this time!  yellow owls are so cute (as are all owls, especially when their $0.50 a pair)!

6.)  my favorite of the day!  and only $1.50!!  he's a professor owl teapot!  OWL AND TEAPOT my dream come true!

7.)  this is actually from a previous trip, but he's so cool!  only downside is he has googly eyes, so if you shake him he goes cross-eyed.  not that you should be shaking him, but i did anyway to see if the eyes were googly!

so yeah, owls and shoes!  enjoy!