Sunday, November 28, 2010

a photo.

a photo i took of bug today at freeman lake. a little editing, i think it looks nice.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pre-thanksgiving bloggity.

i know it must be coming, since there is a rock-hard turkey taking up a great deal of counter space as it tries it's best to thaw out before thursday. i guess i'm pretty stoked about thanksgiving this year, for two reasons:

1. last day at at papa johns! (to be explained later in this blog)


2. not a giant ball of pain this year! yays!

so yeah, i got a new job. gonna work holiday time at spencer's in towne mall. i was told i'd be able to stay on as a regular part-timer after january, so it's pretty sweet. my goal though is to find another part-time job in the mall and just hang out there all day. i think it'd work out pretty well as long as i could coordinate my days off at both places so that they'd be the same day. that way i could have my dude time. cuz i totally heart my dude time. :D

(blog interrupted by work time!)

now back. oh, how i will absolutely NOT miss taking those phone orders. i will never long for the day of somebody asking about our specials, even though they've been listening to a recording of our specials for the past five minutes. i will not miss the really nice old ladies, who are really really nice, but obviously have a hearing problem because they can't keep from yelling at me. and i certainly will not miss every single caller telling me about how they'd like to order some pizza. IS PIZZA WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?? ARE YOU SURE? YOU DID CALL A PIZZA PLACE AFTER ALL.

every time somebody says that i want to respond with, 'no. no pizza for you.'

gosh i had so much planned for this blog before i had to go to work.

now all i can think about is pizza and phones. damn you, papa johns.

oh well. maybe more bloggy later.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

oh blogger.

i was actually shopping around for a different blog service, blogger. because whenever i try to put picture on you, you just piss me off and make me bang on my keyboard in anger. and i can't keep doing that blogger, my 'q' is already just a tiny little button, i can't afford to lose any more keys.

but everyone else seem to make you work and they don't appear to be filled with horrible rage, so i'm giving you another chance.

anyway, a bunch of stuff has probably happened since the last time i blogged. halloween being the biggest, but if you follow me on facebook you've seen all my halloween madness. but just because it makes me giggle still, he is my favorites dudes halloween costume:

yes, i know you are jealous of my gorgeous hunk of man in the underwear. but he it mine. you back off. :3

also, i did a million halloween looks just for fun. i actually wish i had done more. i still have a wig i didn't even get to use! but it also needs to be cut, my wig is in an ugly shape that is not all like the picture on the package. i need to get it trimmed up. i got it for an awesome cheshire cat tutorial and then never got around to doing it. D:

so yeah. that's about it.

i have an interview at spencer's tomorrow. i'm so excited. i can dress cute and stock all the adult toys and giggle madly to myself if i get this job. it would be so cool. :D

speaking of adult toys, i have nothing against them but some of them do look REALLY PAINFUL and not fun at all. seriously. go to spencer's and look. some of them will make you hurt inside just by looking at them.

oh well. to each there own and whatnot.

anyway, i hope to be posting some artsy and craftsy stuff on here real soon. i'm in the process of making a really sooper long and cozy black and white scarf like knives wears at the chaos theater in my new favorite movie scott pilgrim vs. the world.

just like this. only mine is all a crocheted and much wider, since i'm not a tiny chinese girl and a scarf that skinny would look like i'd wrapped thread around my neck. also, i love her hair. i want hair like knives chau.

i've also made two hats just for fun. well, one is just for fun, i made it my size but am never going to wear it, then i made a small bug sized one to put in her christmas stocking. if i can get some more yarn and some time before then i want to make her a little scarf, too. but we'll see on that one.

but i guess that's all from my random life right now bloggy. except for that dream i had when my hand was broken and i was trying to call my dad while chris took me to the hospital. but other than that it wasn't that interesting of a dream. so yeah.