Friday, January 27, 2012

hello again bloggy.

i want to be a blogger again.  

since the last time i blogged at you, i haven't gotten much done on the 'changing schools' front.

as i looked more deeply into my school finances, it looks like i'd have to pay this school some amount of money before they will release my transcripts to other schools.  probably because i've been doing so poorly lately.  i did pass my last class though!  barely, but i made it!

my next class is finally getting back into art and illustration.  i hope that this upcoming class will revive my artistic side because i miss it.  i miss doodling in the margins of papers.  i miss painting just to paint.  i miss drawing and erasing and drawing again until it turns into something i'm happy with.  i still love crafting and such, but it's not the same.  i dunno, random depressed artist paragraph, i suppose.

in other news, according to my phone, i am getting married in about 8 months.  hooray!  what do i have for this wedding.  NOTHING.  nothing at all.  not even a list.  i've picked out my dress, but i'm not ordering it yet.  and that's about it.  this is getting hard.  i've tried three times to just figure out who's going to show up for this thing, but everyone falls into three categories:

1.  people who will show up;
2.  family who you have to invite as a courtesy, but that probably won't come.
3.  friends and family that say they are coming, but you just have a nagging feeling that they won't.

this makes things very difficult, especially when it comes to planning you know, how to feed them and seat them and such.  sigh.  luckily i have a lot of people who want to help, so i guess i just need to put them to work!

i cannot wait for my wedding.  i picture it everyday.  i imagine my dad walking me down the aisle and a nice little intimate group of people and music and laughing and i know it's going to be amazing no matter if some people are standing up or if we all only get a bite of cake.