Saturday, July 31, 2010

sad no music blog.

i miss my iPod so much! all of my music! ALL OF IT. eaten by an old piece of technology.

look at this thing. they don't even make these anymore. D: this may as well be an iPod dinosaur. somebody's gonna find a fossil of my little iPod mini like a thousand years from now and be like 'oh, wow! a primitive iPod! i'm gonna sell this to the museum!' and they'll walk off with their iPod robot man-servants that also happen to play all of their favorite music.

sad face.

my only spot of happy at the moment is that gen con is almost here! it's so close that i can almost smell the sweaty nerds! i can't wait!! i hope the tardis is gonna be there again, i have to take lots of pictures with it so mandy can be jealous. hee hee hee. i am an evil tiffers. :P

i guess that's about it. random bored-without-my-iPod blog.


Friday, July 23, 2010

oh blog.

i'm actually pretty sure i've had some awesome times since the last time i blogged, but i can't remember! i really need to blog these things while they're fresh in my memory.

me and my face are having an awful time lately though. first of all, i have these nice areas of melasma on the sides of my face. it looks like i have a funky tan line, but it's actually a build-up of melanin caused by the extra hormones that i'm making because of my birth control plus sun exposure. so after the first time in a really long time that i decided being outside in the summer was a good idea i have to lock myself back up in my room. D:

also, i decided that i should try to remember to wash my face before i go to bed. wake up the next morning with a horrible rash that i can only assume came from my twenty dpllar neutrogena set. D:

spend all of yesterday rearranging my room so that i could have an awesome poofy armchair only too find out that this awesome poofy armchair is WAY TO BIG for my room. had to sacrifice a small bookshelf and a set of storage drawers. the drawers, however, still have a lot of stuff in them that i need, so i have to find a way to get them back in. in better news, this chair is a much more comfortable place to laptop from. it makes writing long boring essays more comfortable (but sadly not any more fun).

speaking of boring essays, history and analysis of design is just as boring as it sounds. but then again i find no joy in any course that has the work history in the title. i understand that you should know the history of something you want to do as a career, but OMG is it boring. luckily now that i have my info, this essay will be pretty easy, but still not any fun.

after finishing this essay i have about a billion picture frames i have to get back up somewhere on the wall. don't know quite where yet, but dammit they are getting off my floor.


Monday, July 12, 2010

awesome weekend blog!

had the most awesome weekend, if you couldn't tell by the title!

spend friday with my mommy, my buglette and my dude. got a little los nopales for lunch, picked up my new bed set at the px (it's so awesome! gonna get more stuff to match!), did some goodwill searchin' (picked up two versions of trivial pursuit for three dollars, a pair of armadillo earrings for seventy-five cents and a cool bag to keep my crochet yarns in) and spent some time looking at cool discount clothes at rugged warehouse (chris bought some ugly shorts. i hate your shorts).

AND THEN, best part of the night, hours of trivia at buffalo wild wings! met up with some of chris' friends, had some awesome food and lots of fun! and i finally got to see an almost nerd fight! over transformers trivia! there was some serious nerd smack talk going on. i thought a table would flip. it was so cool! i even won a round cuz i'm so good at guessing. :B

chris got in trouble though for claiming to have fallen in love with a piece of pie. we got a slice of deep dish apple pie to share. he took one bite of it, gave the rest to me and ordered his own because all of a sudden he didn't want to share. it's because he had fallen for pie. i told him he and the pie could be friends, but if any sexual contact occurred with this pie, we were over and the pie was dead. if anything tries to take my dude, i will kick it's ass, even if it is just pie. that pie had better watch its back.

spent saturday watching chris judge a tournament. spent most of the day crocheting and interneting, but once the majority of people had left got to spend some time with chris watchin' him play games, which he loves. so all in all a good day.

this is chris passin' judgement.

yesterday, however, ventured into suck when mom spent all day throwing up and chris had to stick around to make sure we all made it to and from work and that all was well. everything is much better now, chris even managed to get home and get some sleep before work today. :3

all i have to blog, just wanted to tell you how everything is awesome.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

just bloggin'.

oh blog, kinda missin' the noise and chaos that family brings. had to say bye this morning after only about 3 hours of sleep. D:

spent most of the night awake, then at walmart, then hair coloring, then awake and then finally asleep at about 6 am. up at about 9:30 to wish everybody a safe trip and to make sure they didn't forget bubba. back to sleep until about 11-ish when my dude called me on his break (cuz he loves me :B), back to sleep, up at about 1:30 pm, in time to put *new* color on my hair and talk to my dude for a few mins again at about 2. then work. then nap. then macaroni. then blah.

wasn't that an interesting day!? i know you think it was.

i'm so excited because i got the weekend off! spending friday getting my new comforter stuffs for my room (i'm oddly really excited about that) and then off to buffalo wild wings for transformers/comic book trivia with my dude! it's a nerd date! i'm so excited! eeeee! then saturday off with chris to watch him judge a tournament, kinda like a nerd date except for the part where i fall asleep, which is what usually happens. :P

still gotta get through work tomorrow, but since my dude is pickin' me up it shouldn't be so bad. i can't wait to hear about all his bakery adventures and snuggle him for being all good and goin' to work. :B eeeeee, just in such a good mood now! i know such awesomeness is coming up!

also, burn updates: everybody is totally fine. just a little ouchy. nobody smells like smoke anymore and everything is healing up nicely. we'll probably never see real fireworks ever again though. or at least not until bug is 18. according to my aunt deb, anyway.

well that's really all i got to blog. just felt like updating.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

walmart, fireworks and the emergency room.

oh how your day can change.

got off work last night, normal as can be, went to walmart and to shop for a cookout today, took an awesome picture of a bra someone had abandoned in the tomatoes. good times. didn't find everything we needed at walmart, so we went to kroger. had us a cart with some paper plates and a cabbage, was about to put some tasty looking day-old donuts in there when mandy's phone starts ringing. it was dad, didn't answer it in time, we figured he just needed something from the store.

what we learned was there was an accident with some fireworks over at my uncle's brothers house, where mom, all three kids, deb and art were. everyone is fine, but mom and lily got burned and we need to meet him at the emergency room. soni tries to run off with the cart of paper plates and cabbage out a door that wasn't open. after a 'just take your purse!' and 'that door's not open!!' we make it back out of krogers and to the van and head off to hardin memorial. we were vaguely freaking out, but if dad says they're fine we are inclined to take his word for it, and make it safe and sound and with no speeding tickets.

we head into the emergency room and they aren't there. we run back outside and call dad back to find out we beat them all to the ER. the house they were at was in irvington, and they were driving back to hardin county. dad was coming from our house. we see art's van pull up, they see us and pull up where we are. mom gets out first, and she's holding a dish cloth or something on her stomach but isn't too upset. she shows us the burn and parts of it were black, the rest was pink and shiny. lily is sitting on deb's lap, she's calm and we couldn't see the burn. it turns out it went from about her armpit and went down her side. nobody said bug was burned, but when she got out she had a big spot on her leg and arm, but they're not as bad. she has had some spots on her face that didn't look too bad.

deb is upset. she's trying to tell us what happened and is getting emotional, but trying to stay calm since lily is in her lap. bubba's fine, but he wants to make sure everyone is alright, he's very protective of his big sister and loves his aunt lori. we all get inside, dad hasn't gotten there yet and mom's asking for him. i wait outside for dad to get there and we both go inside with everybody. there's all sorts of paper work and stuff going on, bug's a little antsy, and i take her to the bathroom.

now bug will throw a fit if she stubs her toe on something, because it just hurts so bad. but here she is with all these burns just calm as can be. when we're finished in the bathroom and about to go out, she looks at me and she says:

"what is it, toad?"
"i saw it coming. i saw it but i couldn't move out of my chair."
"you saw it coming at you?"
"then you're a lucky little girl that somebody was there to get you, huh?"

and that's all she had to say about it. when i talked to chris later he said she was probably in shock, since it all happened so fast.

but everybody got bandaged up (of course it still took hours since it was the ER), and got to go home. i spent most of the time with bubba playing with the wooden toys on the wall, the ones where you can move the balls around the tracks ("this one is me, this one is you and this one is lily bug. this is us in space!") and we colored some in the special 'trip to the hospital' coloring books. deb had to go outside and smoke her first cigarette in years, though. it was all pretty emotional, really. when art first saw my dad, he went right up to him and said 'albert, i'm so sorry.' he was really quiet the whole time, i think since dad wasn't there he was supposed to be the man of the group and protect his wife and little girl. deb was upset because she was off from the fireworks and she didn't know what was happening. dad was upset because he had been at home and not at that house with them. they were all kinda bummed because not one of them had wanted to go to that house at all.

so this is what actually happened though, as i've put together from all the accounts:

they were at the house of a friend of art's brother. they had a little bar-b-que and were doing fireworks for the kids. and these were pretty big fireworks. bug and lily were in chairs near the house and mom was standing behind them. deb was kinda off to the side. they shot off a bunch, but one apparently misfired, but the people setting them off didn't see it or know what happened, they actually kept setting them off. the misfired one headed for bug's chair, just as gina (art's brother's wife) was coming out of the house. gina saw the firework and snatched bug out of the chair, but bug was still hit a little bit, mainly with sparks or spray from the firework. the firework ricocheted off the chair and hit lily. lily's clothes actually caught fire, they had to throw them away at the hospital (she left wearing a tank top soni had on under her own shirt). mom grabs lily and basically smothers the fire, and either she got hit by an after shot of the firework or the flames on lily's clothes burned through her own shirt (her shirt had a burn hole in it) and got her on the stomach. my mom said it felt like she'd been shot, and she thought that she might be on fire, so she hit the grass (with or without lily, i'm not sure, but she did grab lily after it happened. mom asks deb if the babies (meaning the kids) were all right or to get them, but deb was so far away she didn't know anything had happened. after all this chaos ensues.

it's horrible that these things happen, but you kinda see what these kids are really made of. mom ran with bug into the house and said that she smelled like smoke, so she started spinning her around and looking for damage. but bug wasn't screaming or crying, she just kept asking mom if they were okay. i think the whole time in the ER she was more worried about mom and lily. she was acting very mature for age, i think, because i'm sure all those burns hurt, but she knew they weren't as bad as what mom and lily got.

lily came out of the ER with a nice does of codeine, so she was a happy lily. a very happy lily.

today has just been helping out, making sure they're not running into things with their burns, soni got the job of changing all the bandages since she's the best at it. lily's changing did not go well, she was pretty upset about, but then again she has a second degree burn down her side. i also got a good look at mom's, it's pretty gross but it's also shaped like a bean which makes me giggle. bug's got her big ones covered up and cream on the one's on her face.

it was all pretty traumatic, but everyone seems in pretty good spirits and in a lot less pain then i guess there could have been. so that is my tale.

everybody had a great independence day, but please for my sake be very cautious! those fireworks are still explosives! just prettier! and if you don't know how to handle them go watch some on t.v.!! i love you all and don't want anybody to get hurt!

peace and love. :3

Friday, July 2, 2010

more dreams.

so i slept all late because of this dream i was having. and it was one of those dreams where you wake up in your dreams and things are similar to the way the should be but totally aren't.

first, a tiny back story. i for real woke up at about noon because chris called me on his break at work. i had every intention of getting up, but fell asleep again. D:

so in my dream, i woke up because chris had just showed up in my room. dream logic made this totally normal, like i'd been waiting for him the whole time. i'm sitting at my desk talking to him about his first day at work and i happen to look over at my bed and there's some other dude half sleeping in. dream logic kicks in again, and i'm like 'so you brought this dude with you, who is he?' and he explains he's one of the guys he works with. fair enough. the guy introduces himself, shakes my hand and then decides we're close enough that he should hug me and i am slightly terrified when he doesn't immediately let go and look to chris for help, but he is also slightly taken aback by the action. the other guy does let go finally though and the dream continues.

i follow both of them out to the laundry room where we have a fridge that has all our drinks in it. they both load up on sodas because they have to go back to work. also fair. so it was really just a normal-ish kinda weird dream up to this point.

i turn around and our dog has a tiny faux hawk. this strikes me as odd. i pick him up and show him to chris, all like 'look at his little mohawk!' only for chris to argue that it's not a mohawk or somebody would have shaved the rest of the dog. turn around and mandy is there, so i question her about it. she says that she did it and that it had been purple but it must have faded.

walk back to my room and chris is sitting at my desk with a dog on a leash that i don't recognize. and i'm like 'wtf whose dog is this?' and chris doesn't know, but it was on a leash so he assumed it belong here. we take the dog out of my room and pass soni with the kids in bug's room. she tells me that my aunt deb is on a new allergy medication, so they brought in this dog to see if it was working. also deb wanted to have a water balloon fight and an easter egg hunt with the kids to see if this medication was working.

and then i woke up.



havin' trouble sleepin'.

this is gonna sound weird to some people, but i find that it's much harder for me to sleep without chris, even though i'm actually more comfortable when he's not in bed with me. you'd think when i could be all stretched out and comfy it would be so much easier to sleep. sigh.

and it's not just that he's not here, he also had to be up early for his first day of work tomorrow (yay for job! i love him!) so i talked to him much earlier, about ten o'clock instead of calling him right before i go to bed at about one or one-thirty.

he's the comfiest pillow. and even when he's not around, i can talk to him on the phone and feel just as warm, safe and sleepy.

i'm sure if mandy reads this blog, she will gag. but i don't care. i heart my dude, and i'm just sad to go to sleep alone.