Thursday, July 14, 2011

a wedding list post!

finally set my wedding date for october 20th, 2012!  this is more of a reminder to myself of prices, things i need, things i like and all sorts of other stuff that i need to remember but if i write it on a piece of paper, i will lose it!  and it's here for everybody to see, so you can plan my wedding with me!

set and free!  my wedding will take place in my parent's huge back yard, so right after chris and i are all wed we will just turn around and party!  just don't upset the goat.  D:

still looking!  i want to stay under $200 for a dress, which i think may be pretty low, but i'm looking for a summer-y fall-y autumn-y type dress, cuz it will probably still be a little warm.  tea-length is the proper term.  here are my favorites so far:

i'm leaning towards the bottom one, the only thing is i wanted a cute retro pillbox hat, and i don't know that i can find one to match since it has like a lace overlay thing going on.

i'm also worried about what size to get a dress, since i want to have it early (obviously!).  my goal size by my wedding was actually a sixteen, but i'm already down to eighteen and i have over a year to go!  so who knows!  if i keep going the way i have been, losing about 6 or 7 pounds a month, i could lose another 90 or so pounds!!!  i guess i'll just have to wait!


we didn't want to waste money on fancy dining ware, but chris and i were thinking of doing the monogram napkin thing.  we'd have regular ones too, maybe just a hundred or so mainly as souvenirs.  just something sort of cutesy, but they are WAY more expensive then i thought they would be.  i mean, some people are gonna keep them, but a lot of people are going to wipe their faces with them and throw them away.


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the leaf ones are obviously more theme appropriate for a fall wedding, but they're soooooo boring.  i like the mr. and mrs. ones, though.  :3

more to come soon!