Friday, February 25, 2011

an excited blog!

it's getting so close!

moving day is tuesday!  i still have so much to do!  i have a little more stuff to pack, i need to do laundry, hang laundry, get my spring clothes out of the shed so i can wash those and hang them.  i have to sort through the stuff under my bed and pack it up too and blah blah blah. . .

i've gotten some new house stuff to go with the other house stuff that chris and i have been hoarding forever.  got a new little end table to match the room, chris bought some more curtains (two windows in the room instead of just one!), some cute storage bins, a million matching hangers (all from dollar tree, whoop whoop!), all sorts of stuff!  i'm excited to make my little home.  :D

i still have my moments of sad though.  i love my family and i'll miss us all being in the same house, but i am engaged and that's a little hard when you don't live together.  i miss him so much when he's gone, i mean, i agreed to spend my life with him so i like to have him around!  once or twice a week doesn't exactly cut it.  D:

but i'm getting more and more excited to just start something new.  

in other news, have some cute.

craig spent the entirety of a thunderstorm on my legs staring at the door like the thunder was gonna come in.

also, look at my cool pajama pants.  they're cool.  :P

in other other news, have you been reading my weight watchers blog!?  i'm lost six whole pounds!  i'm still behind mom and mandy, though, and i think my birth control has something to do with it.  they told me i'd probably gain weight and i figure it's stubborn fat that doesn't want to leave.  i eat my points and i get on the treadmill everyday, as long as i lose a pound or two a week i'll be doing just fine.  

i'm sad i can't share some more cool pictures with you, apparently my camera is too ancient for any of the computers in the house, the memory card doesn't fit in any of them!  i know i can them on chris' computer though, so expect random pictures soonish.


Monday, February 21, 2011

our second anniversary blog, part 2!

sorry it's been a few days, it sucks not having your own computer!  i've just been stealing time when i can and it's getting harder when a lot of people are home.  D:

so, in our last adventure we were eating leftover and watching wrestling.  after that we went to bed.  D:  so pretty uneventful for the rest of the night.

we attempted to get up early the next day to get breakfast at the hotel.  needless to say, i was just not feeling the whole 'awake' thing yet, plus my tummy was still sad from overeating the day before.  so we continued to snuggle and sleep until we had to get up to check out.  i had to take an awful shower with that cheap smelling hotel shampoo, and i hated it.  D:  i did my best to pick up the room, but honestly i didn't really care that much.  i am an awful hotel guest.  :P  so again, pretty uneventful.

after leaving the hotel, we began our quest for NAKED PIZZA.  naked pizza is a place up in louisville that serves just about the healthiest pizza you can find, it gets good reviews and is weight watchers friendly!  a large slice of cheese pizza from papa john's is fifteen points (omg, i know right!?) and a large slice of naked pizza with cheese is only four!  amazing!  the only problem was that chris didn't actually know where it was.  D:

we knew it was on breckenridge lane.  we knew how to get to breckenridge lane.  but we didn't know WHERE on breckenridge lane it was.  so we went one direction on this road off the interstate, didn't see it, turned around and went the other way.  still didn't see it, but we kept going.  

basically, we drove until we were back in st. matthews, which is where the cheesecake factory is and isn't far from the hotel.  we drove in a big circle because we didn't know where we were going.  but there was naked pizza, just chillin'.

we ordered our pizza (a medium smokehouse, a tasty barbeque chicken treat!), played with the iPads on the wall, and then. . .finally. . .


finally, delicious naked pizza!  we were so excited!

except for that fact that there was no seating in the pizza place, so we didn't know where we were going to eat it!  chris said he knew a park we could sit at to enjoy out tasty prize.  but reference the story above about finding this place and i bet you can guess what happened.

if you didn't guess, we never found a park!  i was getting super hungry and cranky, and i kept saying to just pull in somewhere and let me eat!  we finally pulled into a walgreen's parking lot and had our noms.

look at these tasty noms!
it was so goooood!  i want some right now, and it's only five points per slice!  and they're even big, tasty, yummy slices!

chris's nom face.
so that's it (again) for now!  we did have some more adventures, but i still need pictures of them!


Friday, February 18, 2011

our second anniversary blog!

needless to say, an awesome adventure was had by my dude and i!  it was fun and silly, just like always, and totally worthy of being the celebration of our second year together!  :D

it started sunday night, when chris arrived at our house with this:

i always love how when i get a cake from chris
there is no doubt that he wrote on it.

yes, that's is one of our cutesy things.  every couple has one.  like when people are like 'i love you.' 'no, i love you!'  we go back and forth with 'you're my favorite'.  :P

for those of you following my weight watchers adventures, i used my last 12 points for the day on two pieces of this cake.  it was so good and so worth it.  :D

the next day we set out to louisville, where we had a lovely hotel room waiting for us.  i started the day with thirty minutes on the treadmill, because i knew as far as my diet was concerned, today was going to be just awful.  on our way out, chris was convinced we were being followed by an undercover cop (it did pull out behind us from the side of the road) but after it didn't pull us over for several miles we realized it was just a regular truck with a huge antennae.  silly, us.

we also had a mini walmart adventure since chris didn't have any shampoo or body wash.  i should have also picked some up, because i didn't realize i had forgotten mine, so i had to use crappy hotel stuff (white ginger is not a pretty smell).  i caved at the walmart and got a slim jim because i was starving, and we're also pretty sure there was some valentine's day sexy time going on in the car we were parked next to.  everybody had the holiday spirit, so it seems.  :P

next, the hotel!

look at our hotel/happy valentines day faces.  :D

we stayed at the same place we did the year before, and the room was exactly the same.  before we headed out to attempt to get into the delicious cheesecake factory i made chris help me turn on all the lights and the t.v.  why, you ask?  because i don't have to feel bad about it, so i wasted their electricity.

we love!!

when we got the mall with the cheesecake factory, there was little to no parking.  we parked and walked, which i said was a great idea since we were about to gorge the walk was probably good for us.  

now, before i continue this blog, here is a brief history of our previous cheesecake factory adventures.

february 14th, 2009

our first real date, and it happens to be a saturday.  we stand outside of the cheesecake factory in the freezing cold behind about a hundred other people who were also braving the cold to try to get in.  i think the wait was probably about three hours. it was our first date and i had other plans at home, so we didn't have the time to spare.  we never made it in, but it did result in our first snuggle. 

february 14th, 2010

we remember that it's going to be awful and get there early.  we wait in line forever just to get our name in, then try to waste time in the mall.  we forget that it's sunday, the mall closes, and we have to brave the cold again.  after about an hour or more we make it inside the building.  after another hour or so of waiting inside we finally get a table.  this is at about 8 o'clock.  we put in our names before 5.  but we did make it in, so win for us!

and now, to the present!

it's monday!  we're happy that it's unusually warm so our hours of waiting will at least be comfortable.  but yet we see no crowd.  assume the crowd must be inside.  we get inside and for the first time ever we are seated immediately.  my mine was blown wide open.  i'm still in awe. 

so here the gorging began.  i used all my daily weight watchers points and all my weekly points, too.  was it worth it?  yes.  of course it was.  it was my fucking anniversary, your points will not try to ruin my joy.  i did however realize i'm used to being on points and it was hard to gorge.  we finished our appetizer, i ate about a third of my entrĂ©e then boxed it up for later, then ate about 4 bites of my red velvet cheesecake before boxing that up, too.  it was still totally amazing, we literally only go once a year to this place on our anniversary and it makes it that much more special and delicious.

i never want to know how many points are in this.  never.

afterwards my stomach was so full i had to have some sort of exercise so we walked the mall.  we waited in line forever at lane bryant and finally left, and when we came back (i still wanted my stuff!) the lady was very apologetic, i think she really thought we were pissed and were never coming back, really i was just bored.  it was funny, though, that she was so excited to see us come back.  we tried to shop at hot topic but it was totally full, went into some other random stores, nothing much really to report on that.

went back to the room and did hotel things.  trust me, you don't want to know, but some of it was so funny i wish i could tell you.  but i'm a lady, so i won't. 

later that night, the hunger strikes us.  luckily we have a million foods left over.  i had just taken a shower and i realized i didn't bring any pajamas.  when chris and i are in the same bed, i usually sleep in my undies, so i didn't think i'd need them.  and i had just taken this awesome shower and didn't want to get fully dressed up (i had so many layers, leggings and a tank top and a dress and a sweater and knee high boots!  that outfit was a lot of work!) just to go to the lobby where the microwaves were.  but chris sad-faced at me and a compromise was reached.  i had originally agreed to go with him if i could wear his t-shirt over my leggings.  we has some random clothing debate since apparently womens fashions are so complicated.  finally, i agreed to go down in my tank top if i could wear chris's sleep shorts.  i didn't have any other shoes, and i didn't want to climb into those boots. . .

so i went down to the lobby of a semi-fancy hotel in a tank top, shorts, and knee high socks.  and horrible shower hair.

kinda like this.  at least my socks matched
my bra.
we heated up our food, came back to the room and watched wrestling.  it was pretty fun.

i think this blog is long enough, so i'll tell you about the rest of our anniversary adventures tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a packing blog!

trying to pack up a bunch of little knick knack-y stuff today.  

currently have one box full of small owls, two ghosts, a dinosaur, some see-no-evil-monkey, a baby figurine, team rocket, toki, mew, some of those laser etched glass things, a light up sock monkey and a stuffed  panda from panda express.  i tried to label the box as such, but didn't have enough room.  my collection of stuff is so weird!  the box was supposed to be an owls only box, but it got too full of little ones and the big ones wouldn't fit and that's how the dinosaur and ghosts and stuff came into it.

i'm sure you don't care.  

the point is i have a bunch of tiny random stuff to pack, and that if i pack the random tiny stuff now then i'll have more time later to help with the big stuffs.  also, if i pack up the tiny random stuff then i won't be thinking about eating, since what i had planned to be an awesome breakfast was ruined when mom ate the eggs.  D:  my tummy is already rumbling again, but i'm trying to wait until at least three before lunch-ing.

back to packing tiny-s.  will blog at you later.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

oh amber, how i miss your face (blog)!

a 'tagged by amber!' blog!

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?
all of our cats have been banished outside, so our only really family pets would be gracie and craig.  gracie is the only one that expects you to treat her as such and gets very angry whenever you throw her off a chair.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
my dreams are coming true!  i'm gonna marry the man of my dreams, we're moving in together next month and i've lost 2 pounds!  :D :D :D

3. What is the one thing most hated by you?
ignorant, rude and close-minded people (and most chinese food).

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
pay off the bills of everyone i love, build me a nice house and probably have a tummy tuck!  

5. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?
talking to my dude or crocheting something cute.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
both are pretty amazing.

7. What is your bedtime routine?
um.  nothing really!  i'll randomly get on a kick of brushing my teeth and washing my face and brushing my hair and all that, but it usually doesn't last!  i pretty much go to the bathroom then go to bed!

8. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your partner?
i got him off craigslist.  i should have gotten a new t.v. while i was there.  :D

9. If you could watch a creative person in the act of the creative process, who would it be?
i don't know.  i've never had to think about that.

10. What kinds of books do you read?
i'm still pretty much a little kid and like the kinds with pictures!  i'm a graphic novel and comic book girl!  but when i do read other books it's usually fantasy or a girl-y novel with a hint of magic (sugar queen is the greatest book for that, go read it!)

(Where is 11?! Did it run away and hide?!)

12. What’s your fear?
never being a 'real' adult (working on that, did i mention i'm moving!?  i'm so excited!).  living paycheck to paycheck.  death and disease.

13. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to visit outer space?
i'm not really a junk food fan but i'd rather have that then a boring trip to outer space.  

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
married and poor.  i'm already looking forward to it.  :D

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
lately it's been making me some breakfast.

16. If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner what would it be?
that he shouldn't over think things.

17. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
i think i'm pretty fine with my name.  when i was younger i wished i had a cooler name, but i've grown into it.  i couldn't imagine not being a tiffani (or a tiffers).

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?
i would like to say i could, but not really.  i can forgive, but you never really forget.

19. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?
i don't think i could do it!  i love food too much!

that concludes this 'tagged by amber!' blog!  and i think she tagged all of my friends, so i'll just wait for more posts to pop up.  :)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a blind blog.

ha, not really.  only without my glasses.

i look silly without my glasses.  D:

which i was without for about 15 minutes yesterday (and those are rubber bands around my wrist, not some weird fat roll).  anyway, while cleaning my glasses, i broke the little nose piece off.  and i was very sad.  i thought i could pop it back in, but without my glasses i couldn't *see* my glasses to know how bad it was.  miles was nice enough to look for be and tell me that no, it was broken, but that we had super glue.  to which i replied that my eyes are bad enough without super glue fumes attacking them.

i was going to ignore it and get it fixed tomorrow, but they immediately started sitting crooked and the little metal bit was stabbing me in my face.  so i took my ten minute break and ran down to lenscrafters while simultaneously stuffing a granola bar in my face.

the lady there did fix them, but she also decided they were really dirty and needed a thorough cleaning.  so she cleaned them and put them on this vibrating thing to knock dirt off them and then like, pulled the nose piece off again so she had to put it back on.  and then when she was done she told me about all their sales because in her opinion my glasses are so scratched i shouldn't be wearing them anymore.

i think my glasses were so bad that this lady was insulted to be trying to improve them.  


oh well.  if she has about six hundred dollars lying around maybe she can get me some new ones.  :P