Wednesday, June 30, 2010


bloggin' on my dude's laptop. it's much easier to blog when all the keys work. :D

right now chris is fryin' mandy some corn. you heard right. all of a sudden mandy wanted some of chris's delicious fried corn, and chris was just like 'alright' even though it's midnight. but mandy's corn craving might be related to her tasty blue booze. ya never know.

i'm also currently enjoying a nice cherry rum beverage. tasty.

been hanging out with the fam and the dude. been celebrating and lovin' chris cuz he got an awesome job! well, maybe not awesome to you, but i think it's awesome! i'll miss my awesome dude on days he's working, but with the extra income we'll be able to do a lot more fun stuff together. love my dude. :3

hmm. i don't know really why i'm bloggin'. i mainly wanted to tell you about the corn, cuz it was funny to me.

OH WAIT, also mandy was telling me a story yesterday about how someone mistook me for her while i was out with chris, so she said we can't make out in public. i suggested to chris that we *do* make out in lots of public places so that mandy looks like a ho bag. ah, that would bring me such joy, but would be really mean of me. but would be so funny and you know it.

(don't worry mandy, won't do that, still love you. even though you didn't take me shopping or invite me in the pool. bitch.)

about to watch the crazies with mandy and soni (and possibly chris, but he'll be on this laptop ignoring it while i cling in terror), so i need to finish this drink so i'm slightly less terrified. i'm a baby when it comes to scary movies, but i sit through them just because i want to know what happens. just like with scary video games, can't play them but still wanna know what happens.

("soni: i need to eat some freakin' corn right now.")

gonna go get me some corn.


Monday, June 28, 2010

more blog stuffage!

finished amber's blog! i'm really glad she likes it! i just kinda took a theme and ran with it, and i'm glad she let me do that, i got to make a lot of things and just play around. it may not seem like much to anybody else, but it's a lot of good experience for me. i'm proud that i could design graphics that somebody liked and i that i was able to work with a friend to create a page that they liked. i love it.

still messin' with mandy's blog. she hasn't actually blogged yet though so i can see what a post would look like in what i'm making (hint hint to mandy to blog), though she did go through and put other stuff on it, it gives me ideas. oh the ideas it gives me!

it makes me want to do more to my blog now! but i've already made promises to other people for blogs, so mine can wait a little bit.

in not blog news, last night i couldn't sleep because i was scared of ticks. yes. ticks. the little bugs that attach to you and suck you dry like buggy vampires. victor (my kitty :3), somehow snuck in last night. and he was just so pitiful i couldn't bring myself to throw him back out. so i was gonna let him sleep with me.

so he's being all snuggly and meow-y and wantin' some love, so i'm pettin' him and pettin' him and then up by his head i feel something that doesn't belong. i immediately know what it is, fly out of bed and grab my tweezers so i can remove it. and this thing must have been suckin' on him for a long time. if it did it much longer i'm sure it would have exploded.

if you see a normal sized tick before it starts suckin', it's flat and very dark brown. this thing was like an inflated dime, like if you attached a tiny air pump to a dime and made it puff up like a mentos (i understand my analogy). and it was so big it was this weird gray color, like there wasn't enough brown to cover it anymore. so i got my tweezers and grabbed it, trying not to actually puncture it because i didn't want to see it's guts and i flushed him down the toilet. it was gross. and after that victor's pitifulness was not enough to make me keep him inside. i was too scared to feel more ticks. i do need to find him tomorrow and clean him up though. this kitty was not built to live outside, so he just looks dirty and sad. D:

bleh just thinking about that tick. it was so gross! and it was full of my kitty's blood! how dare it!? i should have squished him with my tweezers!

oh well. i'll have my revenge on all the ticks nommin' on my kitty. you just wait and see.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

more blogs!

still workin' on blog stuff for people! still having fun, though it frustrates me when i'm trying to do something and can't get it to work. sigh. added sara's blog to my to-do list, so i should have something to occupy me until class starts again. :B

missed a trip to waverly hills. sad face. i geek out over that place, i know like everything about it and i love to walk around that building. there was an open spot for me too, but got off work about 20 minutes too late. i cry. D: still got to listen to the stories anyway, and mandy even got poked by a ghost! oh noes! ghost poke!

all this mountain dew is making my teeth hurt. that probably means i should go to the dentist. but dentists want money to look at your teeth, they don't just do it because of their love of teeth. so also sad face.

i'm only blogging because i'm bored. was gonna try to wait up for my dude to call back, but he was calling from cincinatti from a super cool con that i didn't get to go to, so who knows when that will be. oh wells. he'll just have to expect fjka;ljfkda; when he calls me back. :P


Saturday, June 26, 2010


i'm having so much fun making graphics for blogs! i'm inspired to make a few more for my own blog, but right now i'm working on my good friend amber's blog. she has the greatest blog title ever (one mommy, two monsters) and it just makes me want to do so much stuff!

found the greatest monster brush and a nice font that looks like little kids writing. i'm having fun, i hope she likes it when it's finished. :3

also working on my sister's blog. we both have kinda similar styles, so i'm trying to make it not look like mine. got lots of rock colors, found an awesome heart brush (to go with her 'mangled heart' theme) and not one but TWO awesome fonts, so i'll need her opinion on which one she likes better some time today. i prefer the simpler one, but i think she'll like the fancier one. we may have to fight about it. we'll see.

i love downloading brushed for photoshop though! i learned how to make brushed in my last course (digital image manipulation, super fun!) so i may have to draw up some cutsey stuff and see if i can't make my own brushes.

i'm totally supposed to be getting ready for work.

honestly, i kinda forgot. i was about to start photoshopping again. but i have to leave in like 30 minutes.

sad face.


notes to self before bedtime.

1. never flip the switch for the fan in the bathroom. it works fine for everybody else, but if you flip it accidentally while trying to turn on the second light it will cause all the lights to go off and leave you in total darkness.

2. robot cats are terrifying when they start moving by themselves in the dark.

long day.

not to much to report. currently stuck in my bedroom with a bad dog that is whining to get out. if i leave he tries to escape. if i manage to make it out i have to practically kick him in his head to get back in because he's smart enough to stand behind the door.

i don't know what was up with work today. we didn't seem super busy for a friday (fridays make people crave pizza, i don't know why), but man was everything going wrong. i actually got two orders in wrong today, had them for carryout instead of delivery. i caught one and changed it and got it out, the person didn't even notice. the second one sat there for a few hours before they called back all like 'hey, i ordered pizza like two hours ago'. oh well. it happens. it only bothers me when people are bitchy about it like they've never made a mistake in their lives. but they were super cool about it, in an 'it happens' kinda way. or else one of them has worked in fast food before.

but just got to survive the rest of the weekend then off for two days! yay! i'm gonna do so much crocheting. i'll finish this blanket by the time i'm 30. i guarantee it. i need to take a picture of my blanket so everyone can see it's purple/teal-y awesomeness. i forget to crochet on this blanket for months at a time though, that's why i'm predicting 30 as it's finishing point.

i'm also itching to paint for no apparent reason. i have a board in my room that i painted in cool stripes about this time last year, but could never think of a design to put on it. i have one now, but it's a secret. :P

sad cuz my dude's going to a convention without me tomorrow. i wanted to go real bad, and my dude wanted me to go real bad but i've just been asking for so many days off with my family in town that i felt bad for trying to get that day, too. and i'm totally broke anyway. i need to start saving for gen con in august. i'm hoping i can at least get my badge out of my next paycheck, but we'll see. last year when i went i had zero spending money and still had a great time, so if i can save just a little bit maybe this year i can upgrade to super great. :D

since this blog was boring, i'll leave you this picture of some mints i saw at ear x-tacy.

also look at my awesome orange nail polish. you know you love it.

Friday, June 25, 2010


i had a dream last night that there were a bajillion new stores in radcliff. and by a bajillion, i mean like a new district of radcliff. i was in this new district with my family, and as we were walking though a new store my mom started pulling leaves off a plant and putting them in her purse. of course i was like 'wtf?', and she explained that she was getting them for my uncle (to smoke, of course).

so, part of this new district was like a college town. we pass a big group of college students with their professor, and mom walks up to them and asks to buy some pot off them. the college professor actually gets the students to sell, so then mom has a big purse-ful of pot.

at this time, we notice that this college campus is crawling with security and we don't want to look like we just bought a bunch of pot, so we chatted with the college students for a minute and went about shopping again. we stop to eat at a restaurant and a security guy has been following us and is on the floor looking under tables for mom's purse. so i grab the purse (along with my purse, halfway through this chase i realize i should have only taken moms) and try to escape with it. not because i cared about the pot, but because mom had already paid for it (dream logic, go fig).

so i'm half-jogging through this college town trying not to look like i'm on the run with pot, i lose the security guy but decide mom's just gonna have to lose money on this deal because i am not going to jail. i run in a parking lot and hide the pot under a car, then get in our van just as my family arrives and we all escape.

the end.



shopping with the fam and my dude, always a good time. had some tasty buffalo wild wings, shopped at the huge rich-people wal-mart, and all around had a good time.

my *favorite* part of the day, though, was actually when we got home.

we got up super early, me and chris got up at like, 7:30ish. so when we got home at 8:30ish pm, we were super sleepy. we decided to nap. fine by me. i like to nap with my dude.

so we were all cuddly cozy, chris practically passed out when he hit the bed so i had a nice stationary chris-pillow to lounge on. and i drifted in and out of sleep for about half an hour. it was pretty nice.

until i start hearing some mumbling. now, chris does occasionally talk in his sleep, especially when he's really tired. so i just brush it off and go back to dozing.

about five minutes later i'm rudely awakened by being thrown off my mumbling chris-pillow BY my mumbling chris-pillow.

tiff: *rolls over* are you talking?
chris: *sleep mumbling*
tiff: are you sleeping and talking?
chris: *sleep mumbling*
tiff: you're sleeping and talking. that's okay. *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

it's a fun story to tell, since my chris-pillow doesn't remember any of this at all, especially the part where he threw me off.


tiffani leann ponce, age 23.

loves: her dude, her family, crocheting, art-ing, blogging, loving

hates: attitudes, stuck up people, chinese food, capital letters, math

i consider myself to be your average young adult. i go to work, go to school and hang out. i also hate my job (most of the time), get so bored with school work and can never find anybody to hang out with. i am in a time of my life filled with contradictions, i do what i want but at the same time have no idea what it is i actually want.

i also feel like the luckiest girl in the world. i have a man who loves me, tells me i'm beautiful when i wake up with bed head and make-up smeared down my face. i know he'd give me the world if i wanted it, but all i really want is to keep him forever and ever until the end of time. i have the greatest family; my mom always has my back, my older sister (probably) has my front, my little sister has an owl sticker to make it all better when i'm hurt and my daddy has the glare that keeps the bad guys away. i love them all.

i have a pretty average life in my eyes, but to some people the things i do and think can be a little weird, which is why i like to share! some people talk to themselves to help them make decisions or to get psyched up, but i basically blog to myself while i'm in the shower or doing my make-up, telling nobody but myself how awesome things around me are.

so here i am and this is my life. :D