Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh blogger.

been having so much trouble with school lately.

apparently i missed the end of class.  i don't even know how.  i was just doing class stuff a few days ago and didn't even realize the class was almost over.

i'm going to go on a bleeding artist rant for a moment.

i hate this school now.  not the school really, but trying to become some sort of professional artist has actually made me *hate* art.  i hate it.  i haven't drawn or painted for myself in months (and enjoyed it, anyway), and the things i've produced for classes i find to be below my standards, like, i know i could do better but all i can think the whole time i'm making them is about how miserable i am, how this degree isn't gonna get me a good job and that i'll be a college graduate still working at walmart.  D:

i'm trying to switch schools, which my current school wants nothing to do with and can only think about my government money that they're gonna lose, and i'm still waiting to hear back from the other school i've spoken too.  i'm still gonna do some research though before i pick one, i've requested to not take a class this session so that i have time to think things through and look around.  

for those interested, i want to study elementary education and possibly take my art-y knowledge in the direction of being an art teacher.  i learned to love art as a child and would love to be able to teach other children to love it as well.  i never thought i would like to work with kids, but when it comes to this i'm pretty stoked about it.  

not to mention that an education career is a little more stable than that of an artist, plus i could always do my art-ing on the side and learn to enjoy it again.

so that's my serious rant.

here's a kitty to make you feel better.

funny pictures - derz sorsry afut