Friday, August 27, 2010

hello bloggy.

sorry it's been a bit blog! i still love ya!

just spent an awesome four days with my dude! we had so much fun playing around, and i got to show him how much better i'm getting at driving, and we made a giant cuppycake and some little regular sized cuppycakes and then instead of eating either of those things we had tasty coke floats instead. we played with kittens and kept the craiggy company (he gets so lonely!), made sure all the animals were fed and taken care of (even the fish, though nobody actually told me to feed the fish) and otherwise just had a snuggly cuddly time.

i actually feel bad for having fun, since the reason me and chris had so much alone time was that my family was at a funeral. i hope you don't think of me as an awful person for not going. it was the memorial of my great aunt bonnie, my granny's sister. even though they would visit maybe once or twice a year, i just didn't really know her and honestly was never really comfortable when they whole group would come and visit. they were always there to see granny and never really interested in what the rest of us were doing.

bug however, was slightly devastated. she loved her aunt bonnie. i think because she was just like granny.

don't get me wrong, i am sad about her death. but i think my sadness lies more with the fact that my granny lost her sister and that my mom lost her aunt. i just would have felt incredibly awkward being there. . .

so anyway, had adventures in being home alone. spent almost all of tuesday by myself. everybody left at about eight o'clock in the morning. chris had to be to work at one so he left about 11:30 to get back to shelbyville. managed to make me some breakfast, do laundry and be ready for work extra early. had plenty of time for a mini freak-out when my uncle forgot he was supposed to give me a ride. had an uneventful work day, then had a couple more hours to spend by myself before chris came home.

next two days were much much better. just snugglin' time, movies and cooking and baking. so fun. i miss my dude already.

in other news, i think i'm finally gonna make it this time and get my license! i've been doing SO MUCH DRIVING, much more than ever before. and i must be doing well since dad has actually let me drive into e-town, which has never happened before! i can make it all the way to mandy's work without much trouble. i can get to papa johns with pretty much no trouble at all. i'm still not good at parking, but i'll just park like my mommy and park out in the boonies with no other cars and just walk the rest of the way. :P

in fact, one of my coworkers saw me pull up the other day. he asked me if it was my first time parking cuz i did it so slow. he said i was 'very hesitant'. i just didn't want to hit the concrete bumper thing, i don't know how to judge where it is yet!

that's the hardest part of me driving. and it's hard to explain to other people because they just don't see the way i do. i just have fucked up eyes and kinda have to learn from experience where things are.

like, say i'm at a stop sign and there's a car coming across the other way. to dad, the car if far enough away that i can go. to me, the car looks a lot closer than it is. so i wait. and when about five seconds later the car still hasn't reached me, then i see that i could have gone. but of course by then i really do have to wait for the car to go. and if there's a car behind me, that car is pissed.

so it's basically the experience of other cars being mad at to me that teaches me when it's alright to go. next time i'm at the stop sign and see the car that i think is too close, i'll remember that it wasn't too close and the other car was mad, so i should go.

that seems like a sucky way to have to learn, though. oh well.

think that's it for now.

love you, bloggy.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a gencon bloggy!

had an awesome time at gencon this year in indianapolis! even though we only got to stay two days instead of the full four much fun was still had. here's just a couple of highlights. :3

a whole dr. who booth in the dealers room! look at that tardis. i snuggled that tardis. i snuggled it so hard. so much stuff, i didn't even imagine this thing would have so much merchandise! action figures, books, puzzles, kitchen stuff, audio, statues EVERYTHING. was awesome.

plenty of these things around for awesome photo ops. i basically tried to get chris to pretend to be eaten by all of them. i had fun, anyway. :P

except in this one, where he's being smooshed. my poor baby. being smooshed in some tentacles.

POWERLIFTER (which is spelled in all caps, i'm not yelling at you i promised) played an awesome show. a show awesome enough to make me jump out of my chair (which i was sitting in in extreme back and leg pain) and jump around (actually i jumped my spine back in to place, win for me!). POWERLIFTER's music is played entirely on gameboys. check them out if you get a chance. the music video for 'buffalo' (my favorite) is on the youtube, go watch it. i'll wait. you can tell me all about it later.

the best tenth doctor cosplayer! look at him bein' all like david tennant only not! he deserves hugs and cookies.

my new d20s for my awesome necklace. i get so many compliments on it, so i definitely had to get it some new colors!

took a short chainmailing class and created some teddy bear armor! much easier than it looks but about ten times more time consuming. bethany ended up finishing it for me while i was at another event with chris, plus i couldn't really get it together right. . .if it wasn't for her my bear would only have a chainmail belt.

the magical badge that can get you anywhere! and it has MY name on it this year. long story, but needless to say, i was not myself last year. . .

basically a lot of nerdy fun was had, i'd recommend it to anyone who has even just a tiny bit of geek in them. there's games and awesome obscure stuff to be found, lots of people in costumes and not to mention that indy is just a sooper awesome fun town that welcomes gen con with open arms every year! it's so great!

lots of love, peace and nerdiness. :3

Monday, August 2, 2010

a freaky dream blog.

slept in late again today/yesterday because of a freaky dream.

as always, here's some back story for this dream. at about ten o'clock this morning, mom comes in my room with bug and tells me she's taking mandy to work and that bug wants to go back to sleep. so of course bug just climbs up in my bed, takes most of my blanket and somehow manages to cover half my bed with her little six-year-old body. at little after eleven or so, she hears the van pull up, hops out of bed and goes to find mom.

and i go back to sleep.

and in my dream, i wake up in my room and chris is sleeping next to me. i roll over, look at him, and ask him why he was here and not at work. he tells me he called in because he just really wanted to see me. so we have a lovey-dovey moment, then chris sneezes and i notice his eye looks funny. when he sneezes it looks like it's about to pop out.

a little more back story: there was a time, not super long after we started dating when chris was complaining that his eye was twitching. we would talk about whether or not we should be concerned, and my response was usually 'it's not like it's gonna pop out or anything'.

i wasn't freaked out about it, though. probably because of that bit of back story. his eye was watering, so i gave him some tissues to hold over his eye and told him i was going to the kitchen to get him an ice pack. dream logic told me that would definitely help.

i walk out of my room and in the bathroom i see mom and mandy trying to get bug's hair done. mom sees me and immediately starts yelling at me for not letting bug sleep with me when she took mandy to work. my defense was 'yes i did, what's wrong with you?!' and 'i have to take chris to the ER.'

i head to the kitchen and she's still yelling at me. there were a bunch of people in the kitchen, in my dream i knew they were family and one of the people i did recognize as soni, but outside dream world none of these people were familiar. i grab an ziplock bag out of the pantry and open the freezer to find some ice. apparently the freezer wasn't working, because there was no ice, but lots of water. i kept trying to find anything that was frozen to make an ice pack with. i came across one of those blue gel packs, but it was squishy and totally not good for an ice pack. i also happened on a bag of some sort of frozen pasta dinner in a bag, and i tried to pull out the noodles which were still frozen, but they would thaw out as i pulled them out of the bag. chris comes out into the kitchen and tells me to look at his eye, it was really red and i told him to cover it back up. i told him that the ER wasn't far and a pretty straight shot so if he could help me watch for the other cars that i could drive him.

after that i woke up. for a minute.

after that i woke up in my dream, back in my bed. i immediately know that i'm dreaming because i turn to my right and there is a table sitting next to my bed with my cell phone on it and i know that in real life i don't have a table anymore and that my cell phone sits on the chair.

i got up, looked around and willed myself to wake up.

and i did. for a minute.

i wake up again in my dream with that table sitting next to the bed and am incredibly frustrated that i keep having this dream. i'm fully aware that this is a dream and it pissed me off because i hate dreaming about places that are too realistic. and other than that fucking table my room was exactly the way it should be.

so i willed myself to wake up again.

and i did. for a minute.

then i wake up again in that dream with the stupid table and the cell phone only this time i'm fighting for my life against a vampire that's trying to bite me. i thank my brain for at least giving me a real dream this time.