Thursday, September 16, 2010

late birthday blog!

i know i'm six whole days late telling you guys about my awesome birthday. i apologize.


i wanted to take some pics of the presents i got, but my old camera needs some new batteries. sad. D:

so, my birthday started a little before midnight last thursday, when my dude arrived carrying not one, but TWO awesome cakes for me! i had to wait until after midnight to look at them, but here's a little peek at them:

it's my armadillo cake! i have wanted an armadillo cake since the very first time i saw it in the movie 'steel magnolias' (which is a movie i HATE, but i love the cake), i've asked for it years! i can't believe chris actually produced one! that why i love my dude!

but this. i am totally in freakin' love with. i love my dude so much!!!

and just so you know, we're not just piggies. chris is actually not a fan of the cream cheese icing that covers the armadillo, so he brought a smaller regular whipped icing cake. good thing too, turns out mom and dad preferred it to the armadillo as well. he was a little on the sweet and sugary side, but that's why he was delicious!

as far as presents, i got a bunch! i'm gonna try to gather them together and get a nice pic of my birthday haul.

so, spent my actual birthday with my dude. we did a little shopping (finally found the giraffe silly band of my dreams at hot topic!!), picked up my paycheck and got a bunch of work 'happy birthday's', came back home to have some cake with the family, mainly the buglette, before everyone started heading to bed. had the greatest dinner at rafferety's, made our waitress laugh when i told chris that hopefully neither one of us would have a heart attack after demolishing a plate of cheese fries (so good though!). chris was even nice enough to ask me if i wanted to be embarrassed to get free desert. i declined, seeing as we had two cakes sitting at home. :3

needless to say, my chris treated me like a queen all day! it was awesome!

saturday, everybody had to work. sad panda. D:

sunday was spent as an awesome family dinner day, got some delicious potato soup. i even had a giant spoonful of bacon in mine, like even the soup was sayin' happy birthday!

well, don't know what else to blog, other than that i had an amazing birthday with my family and my favorite dude in the world!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

happy blog.

had an awesome couple of days. :D

got a few birthday presents to myself. of course i'm poor not, but i don't care! my birthday is coming up and i know these are things i would not receive so i bought them myself! two awesome pairs of shoes and pokemon soul silver! and yes, i keep the pokewalker in my pocket like a giant nerd. I DON'T CARE. (side note: just mentioning the pokewalker made me take it out of my pocket and try to catch something. caught me a wooper. :D) pokemon has been my video game obsession since i was in seventh grade, i never get bored of it.

soul silver makes me so happy though. when the game came out my freshman year of high school my mom had to go to wal-mart early because i had pre-ordered it. she brought it home and i did not move from the couch for hours! it was just so amazing! i was like 'OMG THIS ONE IS NEW AND ALL THE PLACES AND FJKLS:DFJKL'. i loved it.

alright, enough about pokemon. even though i love it.

me and chris also had an awesome date night. did a little mall walking, which is always fun. didn't actually buy anything but i can't not be happy while in a mall. did some trivia at buffalo wild wings. i actually didn't get to play much since we were too far away from the tv and i couldn't read the questions. i was also trying to use the buzztime playmaker app on my iPod and it was hard to get used to. chris loved it though. there were a lot of people playing that night too, which makes it so much more fun! me and chris usually go late at night and are the only ones playing,
so one of us gets to gloat and one of us gets to sad face. no in between.

also saw scott pilgrim vs the world! YES AGAIN. it's that awesome! if you haven't seen it, go see it now! i wish i was as cool as this movie! here's a trailer, watch it then go watch the movie!!

how could you NOT LOVE THIS!?

i was afraid i might be bored seeing it a second time, but it was still awesome! i just had time to see all the little details that i missed the first time. so great!

in other news, haven't gotten to drive a lot this week. though i did drive chris's truck to my granny's house. his truck is so weird though. D: but the point is we made it all in one piece so i must be doing something right. :3

gotta post homework now.