Thursday, April 21, 2011

tornadoes and keys blog.

apparently kentucky got hit by like, a million tornadoes last night.  or maybe like four, but four tornadoes may as well be a million.

until mandy texted me at about midnight, i didn't know i should be concerned about anything.  i even looked out the window to see if anything was happening.  mandy told me to watch the weather, and i was like 'uh, no cable!'.  so i had to friend WAVE 3 on facebook to keep me informed.  and reading everybody's posts about trees falling down and power going off in their areas just made me even more paranoid.

i went to the WAVE 3 site and found out shelby county was under a tornado watch, and it stayed that way for a while.  then later i saw on facebook that it had been upgraded to a warning and at that exact second the sirens go off.  chris and i had been going back and forth on whether or not we should go somewhere, but with the siren we were out of there.  i put my shoes and hoodie on, grabbed the doctor and put him in a laundry basket (he was pissed, as you can imagine) and was practically waiting at the door and like a minute.  

chris, on the other hand, was looking for his keys.  

he finally found his keys locked in the truck.


i love my dude more than anything in the world, but damn is he good at locking those keys in!  especially when it's really important to have them!  like during snow storms, tornadoes and when i'm late for work.

so we didn't get to go to chris's parents nice safe brick house and i pissed off  my kitty for no reason.  by this time we'd woken phil up to get his opinion on the matter (he was like 'tornadoes, whatevs.')  chris's parents offered to come get us, but by the time they got to us the warning would be over and they'd have to try to shelter with us, so we decline.  i gathered up the doctor again and chris and i headed to the big walk in closed where we hid for about 20 minutes.  at about three minutes til the warning was to expire phil came in the room to make fun of us for hiding in the closet.  at about one minute the doctor escaped the closet and hid under the bed.  i hoped the tornado didn't try to strike while my kitty was out of my hands!

no tornado ever came, at least not to my house.

so that's adventure one.

adventure two started this afternoon when i was all dressed and ready to go out.  then we remember the keys are locked in the truck.  i'm getting really sleepy and tired of typing, so long story short, chris and his dad broke out the back window of the truck to get the door unlocked.

yeah.  so we have a temporary trash bag window, but phil is going to use his awesome lowe's powers to bring us a piece of plexi glass for it tomorrow.

so yeah.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

a stormy blog!

spent a few days at my parents house this weekend for my granny's birthday party!  party went off without a hitch, family parties are always the best!  i did have to spend the previous day deep in crochet land trying to finish the shawl i wanted to give her for her birthday.  i did finish it, though at some point during the process bug decided she was a kitty and was going to play with my yarn ball with her ravioli hands. . .it left a little stain, but luckily most of it made it into a stitch, so you don't even notice it if you don't know where it is.

i also got my hair did, which is always fun.

look at this hair bein' all did.

in other news, i'm currently taking a speech class, and i have to do all my speeches via webcam.  which totally blows and i look awful on webcam.  D:  it makes things a little easier since i'm terrified of public speaking (at least on webcam i can't see people looking at me), but it also makes it a little harder since i have the option of doing it several times until it's perfect and will keep doing it until it is.  i did a tiny two minute speech about 6 times yesterday because i couldn't stop myself from 'um'-ing all the time.  the one i finally settled on still had one in it.  but i just can't not do it. . .

here's my 'that's awful' outtake.  enjoy.

now, to get to the part of the blog where i actually tell you about the storm instead of just making it the title and then forgetting about it.

i woke up yesterday to an awesome day.  it was cloudy, but it felt so nice outside, it was great.  so i put on my cute 'it's so nice outside!' skirt and some flip flops and i am ready to go.  chris and i were planning on stopping by the big flea market on the way home and i was totally excited.

inside, however, the weather channel is telling us it's going to be just awful everywhere and shouldn't have made plans at all.  but we were not deterred.

i went and changed from my cute skirt into some jeans and tennis shoes so my feet wouldn't get all wet in the horrible storm that was supposed to hit us.  another channel tells us there is a severe thunderstorm warning for us and bullit county (which we would be heading towards), for the next half hour or so, so we decided to wait it out.  of course, nothing happened.

nothing happened because it waited for us to get on the interstate to start throwing water on us.  screw you, weather.  it was pretty rough going for a bit, not even really because of all the rain but because of the mist getting thrown off all the other cars and chris' windshield wipers kinda blowing.

we finally do make it to the exit for the flea market and decide we'll go ahead and park and wait it out.

and of course, we park and there's nothing.  not a drop of rain falling from the sky.  just massive puddles we have to make our way around.  sigh.

so flea market fun was had.  on the way out, the sun decided to shine on us again, turning the parking area into a hot, muddy sauna.  my jeans were sticking to me and i was totally miserable.  chris told me to go get my skirt and flip flops and i could change in the flea market bathrooms, but i didn't really want to change there.  and i could have changed when we got to our next destination, but the truck was so hot and i was about to be covered in all the stuff we had with us, just to make it worse.

so being the clever girl that i am (and lucky enough to be in a pretty empty parking lot), i put my skirt on over my jeans while standing outside of the truck, took them off, got my socks and tennis shoes off and then did my best to get my flip flops on without my feet getting in the mud (they still did).  cuz i am hardcore like that and i don't deal well with humidity.  

so there you go.  chris was cheering me on just because he wanted to watch.  silly boys.