Saturday, March 26, 2011

more kitty blog.

i'm sure you're tired of hearing about this doctor kitty of mine, but i have learned that this is possibly the most spoiled kitty known to man.  he's also a jealous kitty.  he could be hiding under the bed for hours, but if chris or phil come in and start talking to me, he's out and trying to rub my face with his head.

he lounges like this on the bed while i'm on the laptop.
plus, he's totally insane at night.  i know kitties are night time animals, but still.  there is a destroyed roll of wrapping paper and at least one pair of chris's socks that i'm scared to take from under the bed, because without them to amuse him, who knows what the doctor would destroy at night.

he'd probably try to finish off this poor owl.

and i think the only time he likes chris is if i'm also in the room.  which makes chris sad, because he only wants to love him!  HE JUST HAS SO MUCH LOVE.  but the doctor usually only wants the love of his mommy (which for all intents and purposes, is me).  but at least he is very happy, it's really obvious that he prefers the life of an indoor kitty.

my awesome morning view.
i would actually love for him to *not* sleep in here at night so i don't have to listen to him crinkle paper, but i tried to leave him sleeping on the living room chair last night, and about an hour later he woke up and was sticking his little white feet under the door.  he's a big baby.  :P

spoiled kitty, much?
well, the family is coming tomorrow and i have a bunch of stuff to either find a home for or hide so that it looks awesome.  i've pretty much already taken care of the 'smells awesome' part, so i'm almost there!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a walking blog.

today was a running around day.

the kroger up the street from us is closing (only to reopen as a new kroger RIGHT NEXT DOOR), so all sorts of perishable food-ness was on sale.  we got a lot of good stuff, was pretty excited.  decided to whip up an awesome chicken parmesan, cuz i'm cool like that.

but one of the things we actually needed to get today was a mop.  mops at kroger are obscenely expensive.  i refuse to pay eight dollars for something i'm gonna rub around on my dirty kitchen floor.

since i've been trying to get my 30 minutes of exercise a day in, i decided instead of walking on the boring treadmill that i'd go out into the beautiful sunshine-y day and walk to the dollar store to pick up a cheaper mop.  and it was amazing.  the walk was great, it was the same feeling and resistance of the hills was my incline.  it took almost fifteen minutes to get there, fifteen back.  that made my thirty.  i rewarded my awesomeness at the dollar store with some socks that matched (i was wearing visibly mismatched socks, it made me sad because my shoes were really cute and my socks were ruining it) and a diet mountain dew supernova (which is delicious, btw).

so i'm walking back and mandy calls.  i talk to her for the rest of the way to the house, i was only about five minutes away.  get to the door, sit the phone down, put the key in the lock, turn the knob. . .

it doesn't open.

maybe i have the wrong key.  i put in the other key, turn the knob. . .nothing.

i do this several times, and the key that should be the right key is behaving the same way the wrong key (the key to my parents house) worked.  meaning that it didn't work at all and that turning it just made the lock mock me.

i look at the house.  i know i may have really bad eyesight, but i am one hundred percent sure that this is* my house*, so i don't understand why the key to my house is not opening the door to my house.

i call chris.  chris calls his dad.  chris's dad picks up his key from him at walmart and brings it to me so i can get inside.

i wait outside about 20 or more minutes.  just me, my mop, my diet mountain dew supernova and a very angry damien (phil's cat) who really wanted inside and couldn't understand why i wasn't letting him in.

i can only assume that my key is just defective and i'm going to have to get a new one.  but i will be sure to test the new one before wandering around in the real world.


it was very sad, to say the least.  but at least i was greeted by my doctor, who was also probably wondering why he could hear my outside being pissed but wasn't coming in.

sigh again.

anyway, after all that i made an awesome chicken parmesan for dinner.  penne, sauce, mozzerella cheese and frozen giant chicken things.  4 servings, 11 pts.  i'm getting good at this 'making food' thing.

a picture of me matching my blog!  i'm so cool and not still
pissed off at my key.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a kitty blog.

so, my days have been a little lonely as of late.  chris has to work, phil goes out and does stuff and even phil's kitty damien has business to take care of pretty much everyday.  so yesterday, while visiting my lovely family, i stole a kitty.  i stole him and brought him home with me.

yes, that was dramatic.  :P  that's not really how my life is, but it's how i justified bringing home a fluffy kitty!  

now, every time i asked bug if i could take a kitty home with me, she would get very upset, even though all the kitties live outside and she hardly every sees them.  mom, however, would like very much to have a smaller number of cats, so she was all for it.  once i got the o.k. from phil, planning began for the kitty smuggling operation.

step 1:  find the kitty.
this proved harder than we thought.  dad had already taken down there winter house on the back porch, so the kitties didn't spend as much time there.  it was a waiting game.  our objective, dr. who, came into sight shortly after dinner and i lured him into the laundry room.

step 2:  find suitable kitty transport unit.
originally a picnic basket was chosen to transport dr. who 'wizard of oz' style.  this was deemed a bad idea when mandy mentioned the last time kitties were transported they pooped all over.  i also didn't want him to feel so contained.  we opted for a laundry basked with a sheet over it.

step 3:  remove the kitty from the premises.
 the main objective here was to get the kitty out without bug noticing, as she didn't want me to take any of her kitties.  after chris and i were secured with all our belongings in the truck, mom snuck out the back door with the kitty basket.

step 4:  keep kitty calm.
dr. who was obviously not happy about being in a basket and not knowing where he was.  i had to stick my fingers under the sheet and into the basket to pet him.  we made a stop for gas and he was particularly sad, so  i lifted up the sheet to show him that i was there and he snuggled up to that side of the basket.  finally he calmed down and i guess went to sleep.  he stopped wiggling around anyway, and would just occasionally sneeze and meow.

step 5:  introduce kitty to new environment.
i can imaging dr. who's shock at leaving a familiar laundry room, being in a dark place, and then being let out of the dark place into some other place that he didn't recognize.  at first he wouldn't leave the bed, but as soon as his feet hit the ground he was all over the house.  he was a brave explorer just like the real doctor!

he spent the night in our room, the bed wasn't quite big enough for everybody, so the doctor finally took to sleeping under the bed, which is where he is right now.

he's chillin.

now we only have to worry about damien, phil's cat.  they have met, they didn't fight, but i did have to supervise a very intense staring contest.  i feel it's probably in the best interest of both kitties for the doctor to stay in the room until damien decides to go outside.

so yes.  kitty.



Monday, March 7, 2011

a settling blog.

i know it's been a while, bloggy.  but a lot has been going on!

first and foremost, as i'm sure you read, i finally moved in with my fiance.  it's more awesome than i could have imagined.  the house is great, the neighborhood is really quiet and friendly, there's a goodwill right down the street!  just so much awesome!  and after two years of chris just coming and going and me being sad when he leaves, i finally know that whenever he leaves he's coming right back here when he's done.  :D

i had a hard couple of days right before the move, because i was moving out of my parents house.  and i was really down and really randomly cry-y and all that.  i do love them and i do miss them, but i think they're happy for me to be out on my own.  plus chris will take me there pretty much whenever i want.  gonna go spend a day with them tomorrow actually (after my no-baby shot appointment).  :D

the place is still a little messy.  we can only have one garbage can for trash pick-up, so i couldn't just fill it with all my newspaper and packing boxes or else there wouldn't be room for actual gross trash, so there's a lot of empty boxes and an equal amount of boxes filled with moving trash.  the last big thing left for the room is the entertainment center and the t.v.  turns out the new t.v. was indeed too big for mine, but luckily there is a spare in the extra bedroom that's in really good condition and has a lot of shelves, so it will work nicely in the room and fit all the crap i have that i haven't found a place for yet.

it's supposed to be warming up soon, and hopefully chris can take me driving.  i'm really close to getting my licence, my only concerns right now are that i don't know the area and i never got to parallel parking.  hopefully i can get those conquered and get my licence, it would just be so much easier when i go job hunting.

speaking of sitting around and not having a job, i've been playing house wife lately, which is more amusing than it sounds.  doing dishes is like my quiet time.  i've been hanging curtains and rearranging furniture and making the place a little less manly, though i feel phil is not a fan of my big eyed owl collection.  :P

so that's about it for now.  gotta run around the house and find something to clean.  like that stinky good will chair.  i will febreeze it until it smells no more.  i will conquer this chair, i swear it!!