Monday, January 31, 2011

those random phone pictures blog.

the valentine puppy.

a wiener dog loofah.

owl watching wisely.

kitty watches creepily.

just some bows.  i want mandy to make me
some bows like this.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

a not-so-hungry blog.

hello, my bloggers!

i haven't been ignoring you.  i have actually been really wanting to blog to you about random stuffage, but these random stuffs had pictures involved and those pictures are on my phone and the usb cord to my phone is who knows where. . .

if you were curious, there was a picture of me and a valentine pillow pet, chris holding a bath loofah shaped like a wiener dog, my owl mug watching us as we play thunderstone, and my hello kitty purse staring at us creepily.   

in other news, i'm now on day two at the game shop watching chris judge the nerdy actions of others.  yesterday while this was going on i crocheted a hat, started designing a new blog to follow my weight watchers adventures and gave my laptop a horrible virus that i hope it recovers from.  i also kicked ass at another game of thunderstone (even though i did have about a MILLION diseases in my deck).  i'm so cool.  :P

i guess the biggest news of this blog is that i may actually be moving!  chris and i think we can finally afford to move in with his bff phil.  he'll even cut us a deal until i find a job there.  so i may be moving to shelbyville at the beginning of march and i'll finally be able to use all those kitchen supplies we've been hoarding under my bed!  oh, and my adorable heart shaped bowls i got for christmas!  i'm gonna eat so much cereal out of them.  :B

and everyone has been very supportive of the move, so hopefully it actually goes as planned.  mom says she'll have to face her fears about driving on the interstate so she can make sure we don't starve.  mandy and dad are already fighting about what to do with my room.  dad wants an office.  mandy wants a salon.  i can't wait to see who wins on that one.

and also, MY NEW BLOG.  it's all about me winning or failing at weight loss.  my goal is have a wedding dress that zips up all the way.  go read.  now.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

a fatty fat blog!

so the whole family is on a journey to not be fat.  we all have our different reasons, but personally i want a wedding dress that zips up all the way in the back.  :D

we signed up for weight watchers on friday since it was the day that the three of us (mom, mandy and i) had off together, but generally it's a bad idea to start a diet at the end of a week.  we still stayed for the meeting and everything, but none of us really planned to count points until monday.

well, i decided to eat relatively normally today and track my points anyway, to see how many points i usually eat.  today is sort of a non-normal day though, since i am currently with chris at a magic tournament, which means fast food all day!  i think it will be a good learning experience and make me not crave the fast food once i see what it will really do to me.

so far, i've had mcdonald's for breakfast.  i had a bacon, egg and cheese bagel, a hash brown and a large sweet tea.  i knew it was gonna be bad for me when i tracked it, but let me break it down to you:

sweet tea (large):  8 pts
hash browns (1): 4 pts
bacon, egg and cheese bagel (1): 15 pts


my breakfast alone was TWENTY-SEVEN POINTS.


i'm already down to twenty-one points and all i've had is breakfast!  now when i think about mcdonald's i picture a big ol' heart attack!!!  there's another tournament tomorrow, and if we stop for breakfast i guarantee you i'm having some delicious fruit and oatmeal for just seven points!


so yes.  i will update you as the day progress.  but apparently i am a fatty and that needs to stop.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

a wrestling blog.

today, as many (just so you know, every time i go to type 'many' i type 'mandy' and then have to correct it.  thanks a lot, mandy) of the days that my dude is here, i ended up watching two hours of wrestling.  i am not a huge wresting fan, nor do i know much about it, but here is a list of the things i have learned:

- don't wear a jacket over your underwear.  if your costume is underwear, just leave it at that.
- do not wear baggy pants in the ring.  your opponent will just pull them up and do weird things to your knees.
- on the subject of baggy pants, baggy pants should never be shiny.
- the miz is not awesome.  i don't care how many times you say it, i still don't believe you miz and i want to hit you in your face.
- i do like it when sheamus comes out and haunts the ring with his paleness.  :D

for realsies.  he's haunting your monitor right now.

- you can watch wrestling almost any night of the week.  or maybe wrestling only airs when chris is at my house.
- i can only assume the general manager on monday night raw communicates through facebook, cuz that is the exact sound my iPod makes when i get facebook notifications.  or else someone has played a word on 'words with friends'.
- cage matches make people stupid.  when you throw them off the top back into the ring, you should just roll over the edge and win instead of jumping after them to pound on them some more.  for realsies.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

a *sigh* blog.

we'll start this blog with awesomeness.

just had an awesome three-ish days with my dude, even if i had to work two of them.  did a lot of cuddly things, crafty things, shopping things, gaming things and generally hanging out with my husband-to-be kind of things.  it was totally awesome, and yes, i will  keep saying awesome because you just can't have too much awesome.

in other awesome news, my mixed media glass is going pretty well, except for the fact that i'm already tired of drawing tea sets but still has several more tea set drawings looming on the horizon.

i mean, for realsies?  do i need this many
tea sets to choose from?

i'm going to be picking thumbnails from this sheet to use for the rest of this class.  one week down, four and a half more to go.  sigh!  i'm guessing if we continue at three a week i have nine more plus a final.  sigh again.  D:

but now to the real sigh part of my blog.

i'm feeling very torn about my job.  and here's the reason.  i fucking love this job.  i love it.  i do.  the problem here is this:  the manager that hired me was training me to be a key holder so that i could help them out with closing some nights.  the manager that hired me is gone.  i think she transfered to another store, but i'm not sure.  and no more of this training has gone on since she left, so i figure it's not gonna happen now.  and since it's not gonna happen, i've been off about four days a week.  i actually have the next *five* days off this week.

but what i'm really afraid of is this:  the manager that hired me promised to keep me after the holidays as a regular part timer.  i don't think the new manager we get will necessarily have to live up to that.  especially considering now that the holidays are over, this store is *dead*.  i spend a lot of time reading the books in the store because there is nothing going on.  even when the store is full, people just aren't buying anything.  so part of me is afraid that when we do get a new manager i may not even be able to keep my job.

this really sucks for somebody who just got engaged, is trying to move out and also tentatively planning a wedding.

i wonder if all my papa john's phone answering experience would get me points toward a secretarial job.  i can't keep taking these part time retail jobs that make promises to me that they can't keep.  i've taken lots of courses on the most commonly used computer programs, i can make a spread sheet, i can type pretty fast (and with correct capital letters, contrary to the look of my blog), i can answer phones. . .that sounds secretary-ish to me.  anyway, i'm gonna get a resume together and those are the jobs i'm going to apply for.  hopefully that will go well.

oh well.  we'll just have to see.  i'm off now to call my dude and then try to crochet a hat.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

a new years blog.

hope everybody had an awesome new years!

our annual new years party was alright.  we got stormed on for a random minute and also learned spanish words playing mexican bingo.  apparently 'la chalupa' is a lady in a boat (according to the cards artwork, anyway).  i had to forbid chris from ever ordering chalupas at taco bell again since sometimes he gets more then one.  there is no way i'm letting him have three ladies and three boats.  D:<

i also learned in the past few days that chris is a human antennae and that by touching the wii and holding his arm out he can make netflix movies load faster.  i also learned that three strikes in a row in bowling is called a turkey. i don't know why it's called that.  what i do know is that when you achieve turkey on wii sports resort you earn the gobble gobble stamp.

i want the gobble gobble stamp.

but i apparently do not have the skills.

in other news, this is way to hard to type because my nails are way to long.  these things have to go.

(for anybody who was curious, i really did trim my nails after typing that.  much better.)

in other other news, we are officially on our new years diet, or as well as we can be anyway.  i even got up early to walk a bit on the treadmill before work.  we're going for a sort of weight watchers thing, except we can't afford weight watchers, so we found all the calculators and recipes and such online for free.  :D  chris (being the awesome nerd that he is) is actually looking up the nutrition facts of our favorite places to eat, putting them in the points calculator and making us all a chart of the number of weight watchers points fast food has.  

according to these numbers i will probably never eat at mcdonald's again, with it's 16 point double quarter pounder.  i don't even think it's double cheeseburger is worth the points (i think it was like 8) when i only have 36 points.  D:

he even found something we can use to calculate the number of points in recipes, so we can safely cook our own food and not just live on frozen meals!  

hopefully we can achieve something.  my goal is to be a chubby bride instead of a really fat bride.  so that is definitely an awesome incentive to get me to do things.  i think about it while walking on the treadmill, about how i don't want to get married then die of a heart attack because i'm clogged with fat.

chris even agreed to give up his makeshift diet to do this with me.  i think the geek in him just likes to do all the calculations.  which is fine if it means he'll stick to it with me.  i do love him so.  :)

in the next few days i want to buy a nice journal to use to keep track of my foodie things.  a good tip we've gotten from friends that have done food journaling is to not be afraid to splurge on the journal you really want, since if it's cool and pretty then you won't get bored of looking at it.  :P

i think that's about it.

well.  this morning one of my fiancĂ©es friends passed away.  i'm very bad at being comforting, especially when the person needing to be comforted is not in hugging range, so i hope he knows how much i love him and that it's going to be okay and that i'm here if he needs me.  i love you.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 days of truth: day twenty-four, the playlist

ha, i know i did the rest of them all in one entry, but i knew twenty-four would be a long one so i decided to let it have it's own entry.
day twenty-four: make a playlist to someone.
since i'm still riding on my engagement high, i'm sure you can guess who this playlist is for.
15. i am a pirate, you are a princess - PlayRadioPlay!
'together we could sail the seven seas, bring back some presents for all the people, everyone would love us. . .'
14. if i had a million dollars - barenaked ladies
'i'd buy you a monkey, haven't you always wanted a monkey?' 'if i had a million dollars, i'd buy your love.'
13. rooms on fire - stevie nicks
'well maybe i'm just thinking that the rooms are all on fire, every time that you walk in the room. . .'
12. stay with you - goo goo dolls
'the walls will fall before we do.'
>11. wonderwall - oasis
'and i don't believe that anybody feels the way i do about you now.'
10. as long as you follow - fleetwood mac
'yes, i can live today, if you give me tomorrow. . .'
9. forever and ever amen - randy travis
'if you wonder how long i'll be faithful, i'll be happy to tell you again. i'm gonna love you, forever and ever, forever and ever, amen.'
8.  head over feet - alanis morissette
'don't be surprised if i love you for all that you are.'
7.  simple and clean - utada hikaru
'simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight, it's hard to let it go.'
6.  johnny and june - heidi newfield
'i wanna love, love you that much, cash it all in, give it all up, and when you're gone, i wanna go, too. . .'
5.  she and i - alabama
'oh ain't it great, ain't it fine, to find a love for someone that others can't find, ain't it wonderful to know, that all we ever need is just the two of us. . .'
4.  here in your arms - hellogoodbye
'i fell in love, in love with you suddenly, now there's no place else i could be but here in your arms.'
3.  teenage dream - katy perry
'my heart stops, when you look at me, just one touch now baby i believe, this is real. . .'
2.  she's got the rythmn - the summer set
'i keep your picture by my bedside, and i'm sleepin' all the time, just to wake up to you.  and i'm in love, with everything you do, you can have the best of me, forget what i want, you're all that i need.'
1.  such great heights - the postal service
'they will see us waving from such great heights, come down now, they'll say.  but everything looks perfect from far away, come down now, but we'll stay.'