about tifferloo.

tiffani leann ponce.  age:  currently aging

loves: her dude, her family, crocheting, art-ing, blogging, loving

hates: attitudes, stuck up people, chinese food, capital letters, math

i consider myself to be your average young adult. i go to work, go to school and hang out. i also hate my job (most of the time), get so bored with school work and can never find anybody to hang out with. i am in a time of my life filled with contradictions, i do what i want but at the same time have no idea what it is i actually want.

i also feel like the luckiest girl in the world. i have a man who loves me, tells me i'm beautiful when i wake up with bed head and make-up smeared down my face. i know he'd give me the world if i wanted it, but all i really want is to keep him forever and ever until the end of time. 

this is our very first picture together.  shortly after this photo was taken, facebook informed me that i had a boyfriend.  :D

i have the greatest family; my mom always has my back, my older sister (probably) has my front, my little sister has an owl sticker to make it all better when i'm hurt and my daddy has the glare that keeps the bad guys away. i love them all.

my awesome sisters.  don't be jealous.  <3

i have a pretty average life in my eyes, but to some people the things i do and think can be a little weird, which is why i like to share! 

don't be hatin' on our sweet sweet mustaches.

some people talk to themselves to help them make decisions or to get psyched up, but i basically blog to myself while i'm in the shower or doing my make-up, telling nobody but myself how awesome things around me are.

so here i am and this is my life. :D


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