Thursday, May 3, 2012

a fantasy dream.

i had a dream last night that we lived in a fantasy world with princesses and monsters.

and that me and bug worked at walmart, putting away freight, but we were actually on a secret mission to find a princess.

even though bug worked with me at walmart, i was trying to convince people she was much older than eight.  and since it was a fantasy world, they believed she was some other species but that she was my age.

bug's job in our mission was to carry my cat around.  when she was working she would put him in one of the freight boxes, but when we had to travel i had to carry him because he would be scared.

in this world, cats looked the same as regular cats, but they hunted tiny monsters and they didn't meow the same.  i knew the doctor couldn't kill tiny monsters, and that if he saw one he would be scared and start meowing in a way that cats don't meow here.  so i was trying to keep him quiet.

he got away from me and ran under a house and their were tiny monsters there, so he started meowing.  i ran under the house to get him, but the people who lived there had already heard him.

i woke up trying to convince these people that my cat just had a cold.

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