Thursday, May 26, 2011

stormy but not blog.

the weather people have been trying to tell me all day that we're all gonna get hit with tornadoes.

okay.  maybe not.  i'm  not blaming weather people.  they were right, totally got hit by the giant line of storms, they just weren't nearly as powerful by the time they got to us.  so we abandoned ship for nothing.  but let me tell you about it anyway.

i 'like' wave 3 weather on facebook, so they tell me weather things all day.  and you can tell something is going on when there are like, 15 posts in a row.  they were thunderstorm watches and warnings, tornado watches and warnings, flash flood, blah blah blah, you name a weather disaster and a city in kentucky and it was there.  so i was on the phone with mandy, we were all like, watching the maps and the radar.  chris's mom wanted us to come there (a brick house will fair better in a tornado than a mobile home every time), and phil was like 'whatever, nothing's gonna happen'.  (and he was right and he's probably mad right now that he went to his parents house.)

the storms were moving pretty slow, so we decided to wait a bit before we left.  i had my purse and my dr. who containment unit (aka a laundry basket and a comforter) ready on the couch.  and yes, i told chris i was not leaving without the cat, and i stuck to my word and chased the cat down and put him in the basket before we left.  

we weren't in a hurry, nothing was happening at the time.  but i did manage to fall down the porch steps and land on my knees on the concrete while snuggling a kitty basket.  basically, i have little to no depth perception at night, and when i look down the porch steps they look like a flat slab of concrete, so chris has to wait at the bottom of the stairs for me.  he waited and he tried to help, but i couldn't see the steps and couldn't see past the kitty basket, so i guess i must have just skipped the last step.  i landed on my knees and my tippy toes (which felt like i'd snapped them backwards) and i guess the sheer upward force of my landing made my back really hurt for a minute.  it's still a little sore.  chris was apologizing the whole time, i kept telling him to stop because there was nothing he could have done about it.  but he always feels bad when i hurt myself.

so we hung out at chris's parents house.  the doctor was freaking out because this is the home of two poodles and one was less than thrilled to see him, so he spent his time hiding behind the toilet in the bathroom.  he was finally feeling like exploring right before we left, but alas, was too late for him.

sigh.  i'm so tired of all these storms, people!  for realsies.  because we took shelter this time and nothing happened, but the one time we don't do it we'll probably be blown away.  it's just so much hassle, plus i'm mad that i fell down the steps.  my knees hurt, my toes hurt, my back is all sore and then this tornado had THE NERVE to NOT SHOW UP.  fuck you, tornado.  you could have at least made an appearance after all that.

watch, i mocked the tornado and sirens are gonna go off or something.

maybe not.

anyway, i'm tired and hurty all over, probably not gonna be able to treadmill tomorrow (AGAIN, my back was already being all sore and wonky earlier today).  so blah.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a bugaboo blog.

just had the longest non-tantrum related conversation with my little sister in EVER.

and it was pokemon related!!  :D

she's getting so big, it's awesome.  she was having trouble with the new pokemon game i bought her for her birthday.  when she started playing the first day she got it, she forgot to save the game.  so when she called and asked me why she couldn't find her saved game, i was sure i was gonna get a phone tantrum.  

but she was actually really good and really smart about the situation!  i told her how to start a new game and told her to call  me when she was ready to save it.  when she called it took her a minute to get what i was saying (i was telling her to look for the 'x' button, and she didn't know if i meant on the screen or on the actual ds), but she finally found it.  that's when i realized there was an *actual* problem (apparently in heart gold, you have to erase the saved game or you'll never be able to save.  i bought this copy used at the flea market, so there was a game already on it. . .)

again, i was sure i was in for baby rage, especially when i told her she would have to start over *again*.

but she didn't.  i explained to her that i was going to look online to find out how to delete the old game and that she'd have to start over and asked if that was okay and she was totally fine.

she did have to give the game to mom to erase it (you have to hit three buttons at the same time and her little fingers didn't reach) but she was very mature about it!  or as mature as you can be about a pokemon game.  :D

i bought her this game because i have the corresponding game.  since she's getting way better at reading i figured she would actually get into the story of the game this time instead of wandering around in the grass whacking pidgeys for fun.  and since i have the other game we could trade and battle and all that fun stuff.  i'll probably have to set her ds up to work on wifi the next time i'm there, but that's no biggie.  i'm really excited, i hope she gets into it.  i'm gonna have to make a special bug trip though, she has to beat a few gym leaders before she can play online, but we'll figure it out.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

laundry and goodwill blog!

it's 'get this fucking laundry out of my room' day!

if you follow my vlogs over at two fat girls, you'll know that after losing twenty pounds i needed new clothes.  i can't afford new clothes, so mom gave a me a bunch of really cute clothes that she couldn't fit anymore.  some of these even still had tags on them!  some of them were my clothes that i had given *her* when i got to fat for them.  just a bunch of stuff.  literally a garbage bag full of clothes.

now, i love all these clothes.  i do.  problem is i don't have room for all of them!  i hung up as many as i could, ran out of clothes hangers and had to abandon the effort.  i couldn't fit all the new clothes, plus i had clothes that i had just gotten out of the laundry before mom gave me the new ones.  so this happened:

laundry chair!

this is the laundry chair.  it's the clothes i got out of the dryer after i used up all the clothes hangers on new clothes.  it also includes the sheet that washed that covers the chair and the fuzzy green blanket that usually lives there in a much more decorative way.  there's also the chair's throw pillow in there somewhere.  i am very upset by this chair.

i decided today is going to have to be goodwill day.  i'm going to venture into my closet and pull out all the stuff that is way to big for any of us now and stuff that i just don't think is ever going to fit and put it in a goodwill bag and chris and i can drop it off tomorrow.  

joining me on this adventure:

the doctor!

it's nice to have company.  :D

so off i go to try to salvage my vlogging chair!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

graphic designing blog!

just finished working on the two fat girls blog!

if you don't remember, mandy and i started vlogging about our weight loss journey.  it's so fun and we've met some cool people who are working the program along with us.  it's so cool!  

anyway, you know all of my endeavorers need a blog page.  mainly because i like to design things and to have a web page, but i don't have the lovely html experience yet to make a for real one, nor can afford a domain, so blogs are the way to go for me.  the blog page will house all the episodes in a pretty way and probably have better descriptions and notes (the new ones anyway) and will also have the exclusive outtakes and silly videos we make that don't have to do with food and such.  like something we're doing at bug's birthday party tomorrow.  i won't spoil it, but you should definitely follow the blog if you want to see it!

that's all i wanted to tell you.  go look at it!  i'm so proud of it!  maybe even a little more than i am of my this blog (even though i still love this design!  i keep thinking about changing it, but then i look at it and can't do it)!

so yeah.

isn't this a beautiful donut?  it's the picture i used for all the
graphics!  :D

so check out the blog!  do it now!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

two am blog.

it's two am, as the title suggests.

i got so much of nothing done today because i forgot that history classes require 40 pages of reading from something really boring. . .taking history of art of early civilizations.  doesn't that sound neat?

no.  it sounds like cleaning and homework ate up my day so i'm trying to catch up now.  chris has to be to work at 8 am, so he's already asleep.  i decided while he was asleep and i was still all awake i'd do the things i didn't get to do earlier.  

i polished my toes.  they look awful, so i have to redo them tomorrow.

i worked on finishing bug's moko kitty for her birthday on sunday.  the leg i got halfway done crocheting is way too small and i don't know why.  so i'll have to redo it tomorrow.

all of these things would be easier to redo if the doctor didn't decide to shove his claw underneath my nail sideways.  it's still thumping and it has a big pink hello kitty band-aid on it.  it's also my bird flipping finger, and when chris came through the door i was yelling at the doctor.  he was running from me, but i found him in the kitchen and yelled 'you better run you little fucker!' all while waving around my bloody bird flipping finger.

i'm sure you can imagine chris lol-ing it up.

later i found the doctor and apologized for calling him a little fucker and for smacking him in the head while trying to dislodge his claw from my finger.  

the point is crocheting and polishing and doing anything with my dominant hand (even typing this blog) makes my finger thump.  it's just a kitty wound, so hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.


so that's been my day.  


Monday, May 9, 2011

so yeah blog.

it's been a while bloggy.  it's too hard keeping up with two blogs, plus i was basically just double tracking all my food, so my fat blog is pretty much defunct.  but that means i have more incentive to blog here to my bloggy friends!  :D

any way, today is officially. . .


let it live in infamy.

this picture is totally crazy but look at my skinny face!

my mom (who has always been the skinniest of the three) has been emptying her closet to me all day, i have a whole garbage bag full of pants and shirts to take home with me!  i'll say i've gone down a whole size (from 24 to 22) but mom did give me a pair of size 20 capris that fit really well, so i guess it depends on the kind of pants they are.  

anyway, i was just so excited i had to tell you!

also, don't be sad about the fat blog.  mandy and i have started vlogging about our weight loss and have our own youtube channel (ingeniously titled 'two fat girls')!  go join us in awesome weight loss hilarity!  click here and watch us be chubby and funny!