Monday, April 16, 2012

some letter beads.

i found a bunch of letter beads in my crafting stuff awhile ago.

i was super into making hemp necklaces and bracelets a few years ago, so i had all sorts of beads to decorate with.  i think i gave mandy the actual beads to use for hair bows or something, but i apparently stashed the letters away for myself.

last time i was at home, mandy made me a hipster string bracelet.  you know the kind.  we all made them when we were little and it was the greatest gift to get from a friend because they took so long to make, and then you tied it on and wore it till it rotted off.

(i haven't taken mine off yet.  it's still strong and it smells like my shampoo.)

so i was going to make me a cool one with a word to wear with it, it's really thin and i just like things a little more chunky.  i was going to go with my name, but i already have a necklace with my name and i don't want to broadcast myself to potential kidnappers any more than i already am.

i decided i wanted to make a pink bracelet that says 'cochina'.

i had to look it up to spell it, and oh the things i found.

my dad calls all of us cochina.  if me, mandy and bug are all in the same room and he yells 'hey, cochina!' we will all hop up to see what he wants.  and it means what i knew it meant, but i didn't know people used it so meanly!

a cochina is a pig, specifically a girl pig.  which i can see how you use it badly, and when we were old enough to ask dad what it meant, we were a little offended.  but cochina is actually a term of endearment for little girls because when they're born they're small and pink just like little piglets.  and i don't mind being called one, but then again, it's only my daddy, so it's cool.

but now i don't know if i should make it, since i do live in a largely mexican community and i don't want them to think i'm really weird!

but while i think it over, here's some cutie cochinas for you.


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