Tuesday, April 3, 2012

happy birthday to my love!

in case you are just joining the party:

sometimes he's a polar bear, too.

today is his 25th birthday!

and i love him!

and he's the greatest!

he's also at work.  sad face.

we had his party on sunday, so that could partake in WRESTLEMANIA (because we're cool like that).  and i got to set up a party and food and we made a cake and it was so fun!  i like to have people over and hand out drinks and be a cute little homemaker type lady.

we had a lot of fun, watched sweaty men fight each other (oh, and undertaker vs triple h?  love it.  ended like a disney movie, what more could i wish for!), and then played nerd games and hung out until the wee hours of the morning (bedtime happened at about 6:30 am).

downside is going to have to be WAY too much food.  my tummy was sore from being so stuffed. . .so it's treadmill all week for me, starting once my iPod is fully charged!

(also thinking about making one more birthday treat, only way less calories:  some tasty vanilla meringues.  om nom nom!)

some pretty fruit!

fruity pebbles treats!

cake scrap that looks like a donut.  :D

my love with his big cupcake.

all the sweets!

baby cupcakes!

your hostess.  :3

and contrary to those pictures, there was real food. but who wants to look at pictures of real food?

so yeah.  my dude.  birthday.  love him.


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